How to improve the conversion rate of WeChat subscription number


WeChat public account is divided into service number and folding subscription number, since the force of the official micro operators do feel the chill. I participated in a WeChat themed marketing meeting, the guests do cases share their official WeChat said average graphic conversion rate in 20% on average, 20% is WeChat graphic conversion? I can make nothing of it. But you can share a view of music data, the author gave a WeChat graphic conversion within 7 days of the rate of increase of the times, the average public account of the enterprise graphic conversion rate reached 40%.

how do you do? My answer is: details! Dissemination of results from many factors, mutual influence, can not achieve the desired communication effect depends on the prices can be sporadic factors a variety of subtle, effective integration, and consider more details in various details, giving the audience a good reading experience. So, in the bottom of the article, the author will repeatedly mentioned the various details, you may have noticed but not take it seriously, but a small details may trigger the spread of the virus is the key. As an operator, the power of detail can not be ignored.

before the visual data analysis, WeChat content propagation effect can only rely on poor editors subjective guess. After WeChat launched a relatively complete background data function, the editor’s work finally has the basis for tracking and analysis. The operators of WeChat public accounts know that all data analysis boils down to a final indicator: conversion rates. What is the conversion rate?

graphic conversion rate = number of text read / service number

, how many operators do you need to know about this formula:

1, the number of service refers to how many people you give the WeChat to push, simply say, how many fans do you have at this stage?

2, the number of text reading refers to how many people read this WeChat, including non fans groups;

3, graphic data analysis can only show that the WeChat released within 7 days of data, 7 days later can not see.

public accounts background data statistics module graphic analysis screenshot


above screenshot is the author after just took over an enterprise official micro operations, planning and implementation of a WeChat content dissemination analysis. It’s easy to see the power of WeChat’s circle of friends: in the case of only 198 fans, the picture is shared and forwarded by 4733 people, and this is only data within 7 days.

OK, let’s get down to business. Since the conversion rate is an important indicator, then continuously improve this value, not only to the customer (boss) perfect interpretation, but also allows you to get a higher sense of accomplishment. Below, the author breaks down in science, surround in mysterious "picture and text turn >"