Accurate positioning of the site to create a new starting point of profitability

afternoon just read the article "our stationmaster net original only to users precise positioning website to long-term profitability" very touching, now the industry is indeed not so easy to make a stand too much homogenization too serious. Two is advertising less, still CPA, CPS, CPM, and so on. Before the scenery unlimited GG, now also broken lower prices. In the past, 5000IP stations earned even more money than they currently have at 10 thousand IP, and have been talking about originality. Search has also been partial to originality. We have originality. With traffic. How can we maximize the most appropriate earning money,


now most of the site is still massive collection, and other mass included, buy less than a dozen, dozens of connections. Everybody, you come up and I come down. I’ll buy the connection and do it again.

profit model, I agree with the above article said, to build on the user’s positioning, the site wide and complete. Do a lot of rich content, we do not have a lot of manpower, time and effort, we can do all kinds of major portals, all kinds of large websites throughout the country. We can only choose one direction or one aspect to do. Be good at doing fine. Make our features. For the user needs to do the content, really do what the user needs, the user wants. This allows a limited number of users to be highly integrated with the same type of user. It’s a great advantage for us to make a profit.

I’m a new myself do this convenient yesterday. Yes, of course。 It’s my personal understanding. Purely communication, we feel a little useful to see. No, just for fun. I met my teacher at school some time ago, but I still have my own art training school. The main thing is to train students who want to study in art. Tuition is often expensive. An average of about 1000 yuan a month, big cities higher. The teacher said you used to learn computers, why don’t you be a website? We don’t have any websites like this. Some students enrollment query across the University, questions over the years is not easy. There are too many information on the Internet, but it is really hard to find the information suitable for the candidates in our province. I was inspired to take one meter back home at night. The art education of rice under the Kang Sheng CMS is ready to do. Now the exam site too much. It’s all about information. It’s all very well. The information from all over the country has been focused on one website. Such websites are good. Everything has everything. But it’s difficult for a candidate to find what he needs. It’s really not easy to find out what you need in all provinces and cities. If you do a good job for a province, information only for the candidates in this province, you can even be a city. Be good at doing fine. Let each examinee and parents go up, can very conveniently find the thing that oneself need. Don’t lean around and look for it for half a day. This is very convenient and convenient for examinees. Candidates will like it! For our website is good, publicity is only for this one of the major forums, post bar, and so on, where publicity can be done. The website attracts a city, a city, and a province of candidates targeted. On earnings, this >