Alipay in Ali ecological exploration not only is the electricity supplier


said that this year, Ali group action, can be said to be frequent. Shopping online alone is enough to shock the industry, let alone Ali injection UC, Sina and High German layout mobile platform business practices. Not long ago, Ali for Alipay has carried out a reform, the function of more commercial and professional. Among them, the balance of treasure on the line really make big eyes before the first bright.

for this balance treasure, many friends view is not the same. Some say this is Ali in the financial branch of the deification of exploration, hope Alipay’s core business of another level to promote the development of the company, the importance of Ma era show convex, the balance of treasure business behavior and some friends tend to know Alipay, said it is a subversion of the traditional bank the.

the two arguments are all reasonable. Ali’s Taobao as China’s most successful platform, its user and brand building on the fruitful. And today is a "eco closed loop" industry era, when Tencent’s WeChat turned out, more and more Internet Co understand, to create a closed loop ecosystem is imminent. Otherwise, the development of the situation being strangling throat early in the party.

as BAT in A, Ali has enough capital to build his own background, to complete the anti blocking for Baidu and Tencent. While Alipay is clearly one of the pieces is very important. Obviously meaningful reform of the alipay.

prior to Alipay’s definition of what we usually think of Alipay or at what time. It is time to pay the money, said more directly, while Alipay will think this tool that is in the Taobao shopping checkout, of course, more in the eyes of a friend, Alipay is only a means of payment, rather than financial tools. But the balance of treasure to join, will let you put more idle funds into Alipay, on the one hand to increase funds thickness of Alipay, to expand its business to complete the other, on the other hand can also let everyone know that Alipay is not just a payment tool, also can be used to buy fund. This is a double-edged sword for all things, according to the real operation mechanism of the balance of treasure, 84 in the coupon owners believe that we have no need to be too tangled, as a financial tool.

so far, meaning Alipay’s reform has emerged. From a simple payment tool to a more profound development of financial development, so as to achieve changes in product attributes. This is indeed an ideal business, Ali group’s three strategies also complement each other. Of course, these reform measures are based on financial development perspective, then from the most fundamental business point of view, Alipay’s position and what subtle changes in


in fact, after 84 webmaster own test, the most obvious feeling is that the balance of treasure appears to let yourself spend money may >