How to write an nternet business proposal

in the rapid development of the Internet today, every line, every industry is undergoing a profound change. China is now the country with the most Internet users, and everyone wants to get a slice of the technology industry. When people choose the Internet as the best entrepreneurial model, some people are prepared enough, so he succeeded, someone hastily entered the industry, no preparation, so he failed,


today, I am a member of the Internet start-ups, and we talk about the Internet business must start at the beginning of a thing – plan. Tell everyone about my idea of how to write a business plan to help you find a way to start your business.


plan is divided into four pieces. The first one is programme integration; the second is feasibility analysis; the third is the programme budget; the fourth is the operation. So we’ll get four of these, too,

first block, program integration. Scheme integration should be subdivided into several points:

1. site positioning. Site positioning this point should specify the object of the web service, the website should be based on what, what, in order to achieve what?. What can you provide for the service object at the same time?. Here to be detailed, so that partners can quickly understand the general situation of the site.

2. site goals. The website goal is own website development, what can achieve, what can obtain, what can give. It focuses on what benefits and shortcuts are available to the service object for the solution provided by the service object. Let’s talk about the future,


3. website content. Here are what channels the website has, what items the home navigation has, and the distribution of the inside pages. The content of each channel, the service items for each channel, will be described in detail. Here is a brief description of the overall framework of the site.

4. line products. The above three points are all about website content and website introduction. This is for sites that plan to promote offline products. For example, some websites will promote magazines, periodicals, membership cards and so on. This product line should write market research, demand for the product size, the preparatory work for the implementation of specific operations, and so on! Product cost line is relatively high, so the research work is very important, there must be a detailed description.

5. vision planning. Here is the imagination, when the site indicators are rising in a straight line, the website should launch what kind of more innovative content or products?. And provide reasons and solutions.

Feasibility analysis of

second block. Divided into the following three points:

1. target market analysis. Here should list all the service objects that the website aims at, and elaborate each target user to website content and product demand, and demand at the same time can bring what benefit for the website.

Analysis of competitive advantage of

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