Deep thinking Hi Zai great big Chinese Zai the road station worry

(a) network company problems:

1. management – lack of expertise and web site.

management of many Internet companies, the website construction of knowledge, personal subjective consciousness is everything, the terms of overlord seriously, such as some managers said: "do as I say, absolutely no problem, then, what happened is one head of the sewage, looked at the manager don’t know from a website where DOWN plan. Unable to start; this is still good manager, then, is holding a navigation menu, said: "you look at it, the site columns are set up, very clear, also won’t do? You look up online, then do, on the line, very simple." I fainted, this is clearly deal with customers, let technicians do garbage site ah, such a low quality manager, not, should be low professional quality, but also in the network company to become management. I feel strange. As a matter of fact, I know more than 50 Internet companies in Xi’an. Almost all managers are "twin sisters", where only these 50 companies, almost 80% of the companies are doing so. I not only want to ask: "what are you doing site, or sell cabbage!" managers, personal knowledge, strengthen the imperative! The price war, not the current Internet Chinese survival


2. Technician – secure jobs, weak and feeble.

as mentioned above, the technician is under pressure to completely cater to the superior approach, all the bitter stomach, eat Coptis mouth is a bubble, a technician set planning, art design, program debugging, data upload, can be described as a multitasker eye! Second days are the "national treasure" class. The three day of a speed of the site, if not finished, the manager began to slaughter. I told them it was pathetic and annoying, can’t you stand up to the manager said: "I have no way to plan your


are you afraid of their income that a poor job? Technician weak direct breeding manager arrogance. Let managers in the knowledge of the road, more and more deep, the company can not do, or forced to do so. In the end, it’s not a dead end. Very simple, a site without any analysis, to achieve the benefits of the site, to "ghost" say go,


3. business people – it’s called business

At present,

university graduates, work hard to find, Internet companies are generally low threshold, the network composed of all comers, the so-called "elite team". Along with the network company boss every day shouting slogans: "we are the best!" shouted the voice of small no, not too neat, next is "every song", I became a real KTV network company song, not to teach network experience, everyday practice voice, is for talents the number of "rolling stone record company". Network company classification deduct a percentage from a sum of money, investigate its fundamental and sale mode to be identical. Boss lots of >