90 Webmaster you are not fight a lone battle

himself is often in the CHINAZ ADMIN5 webmaster nets this webmaster industry inside, diving experience. See a lot on this platform to express their feelings, has always been some words to say, today he will also plug in a sentence.

here also does not say that they do station experience, because in the absence of achievements before said these boring, chat about 90 webmaster.

I am 90 years can be said to be a standard 90, but since 70 PK after 80 fades started to change for 80 after 90 PK, in non mainstream criticism that I stand in 80 here, because they also hate those non mainstream, idiotic image, serious damage to our standard 90 image, but I hope not 80 after 90 completely. Well, we are not in the 90 station we just opportunities to fight a lone battle, formed, take me, a fatal injury is the biggest standing time with learning time conflict, their three (6:50 ~ 2:10 ~ 12:00 morning afternoon evening 5:30 7:00 ~ 9:30 is learning time should be accounted for most of the time to do homework review in his spare time) we are college entrance examination pressure, you should keep the mark and make a considerable profit can stand is very difficult, the high school curriculum is different from the junior high school, do stand is physical work, you should update every day, do the connection, SEO and so on a person’s energy is limited, so we can only get a secondly, to ensure their own academic matter, can not let my parents down, this also leads to the webmaster circles less influential man 90.

we 90 is also relatively conservative (the talk from the non mainstream class), don’t believe the network that those are incurable, everyone around me for their own goals of ideals of hardship. In the holidays, we guarantee the study time first, and then do the station, often 1 points, it’s early, because we still need to keep the energy for second days. You don’t want to say that 80 as degenerate idiotic! We still have a lot of positive hope 80 do not fully denied 90. We didn’t have those successful men because of the entrance in front of us we are helpless! So to spend a lot of time in learning it, you do not see our real standard of 80 90, because are immersed in study, see all of those non mainstream, so favorable comments are very poor, it is not blame you, I also hate those too, rolling eyes! Serious damage to our standard 90 image.

I want to tell

in ADMIN5 or CHINAZ 90 webmaster friends, we need to do is fix at this stage of the college entrance examination, otherwise you will be very bitter, the three will wait to eat the cooked rice, I was too much consumption in the computer are now eat the meal. So it is best to end the college entrance examination, then later, that time, we have plenty of time to study PHP. ASP.NET, JAVA, AJAX, etc., the webmaster should grasp the knowledge (I think the webmaster is really versatile player >