Famous blogger blog send soft advertising how do you see

recently, Lao Feng, I have been building my original SEO blog, and I have been paying attention to the IT blog of a famous blogger. And today, old Feng still same as usual go to read the article of his home page of the blog, unexpectedly discover, he seems to push the soft Wen advertisement. For famous bloggers, how do you feel about soft advertising?

my site is my calling, and others have no right to interfere with

I believe a lot of people will have this view, perhaps blogger himself also has such a psychological. This is my personal blog, soft promotion how? Bloggers also have to support the family, eat, also want to make money, to promote a soft, earn two money to support his family can also be justified? Of course, as a famous blog from the media industry, it is no ground for blame. I believe some people may still understand the mood of blogger. Although there are many advertisements on both sides of his blog. Perhaps he later on this situation is still going its own way, follow my chassis, I decide the principle.

does fame, does it hurt the heart of a fan

I believe that there will be a lot of people have such a view, as an industry well-known blog, well-known blogger, we expect more bloggers every day is the introduction of some practical knowledge sharing or dry cargo class, rather than take a home to put ads on his blog, relying on their high power the major flow so many people to browse, to see the recommended bloggers from the host. Is it an injury to a lot of people who support you and insist on visiting your blog every day? Or at least an experience of hurt,


‘s first mistake might be excusable,

I believe a lot of people think he’s the first one to make a mistake. Of course, he’s not wrong, but Feng Dongyang is making a mistake when he assumes that he’s doing something like that. I believe there will also be part of the group will think so? No man. Whoever has faults, change them. Will continue to worship everyone else.

this is the old Feng conjecture many love some hypothetical situation for his support of his fans, as for how we think, then each one according to his lights


, why do you think his blog is suspected of soft advertising?

point 1: the advertisement intent is obvious on the sentence,

blogger Bowen appeared in this sentence: "I used a professional WordPress space, so that space helped me solve a lot of problems."". And then the back of the space to advertise the benefits of this, what services, and then buy space to send space, the old users what the free upgrade space, ah, and so on. This soft Wen is not obvious intention point,


second points: blogger program is not used, asp+access zblog program



, this is his blog right HTML source screenshot

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