Case study the making process of Obama fundraising website


Kyle Rush is a web site engineer.


in June 2011, he joined the, responsible for the design of the 2012 U. S. general election official website of Obama.


(pictured in June 2011, Obama’s official website)

in addition to publicity, the main purpose of the official website is fundraising.

last election, Obama raised $690 million. This is a big figure, but since the U.S. economy has not improved in the past 4 years, this election is likely to put more money into it, and within the team it is estimated that the demand for capital will reach a record $1 billion.

, a website that raises $1 billion, has never been in history. Kyle Rush doesn’t know if he can do it, but he knows that Obama can’t win the election if he doesn’t raise money.



the 2012 election has now ended, Obama narrowly defeated romney. He eventually raised $1 billion 100 million, becoming the highest paid (and expensive) presidential candidate in history. (in the second place is Romney, and he raised $1 billion.



Among the $1 billion 100 million

, 410 million were raised offline and 690 million were raised online. Just a site created $250 million in donations.

in 6 months, has

* 17807917 visitors, 81548259 page visits,

* 4276463 contribution

* donation conversion rate of 24% (one visitor per four will contribute)

How did

achieve such a brilliant achievement,



It’s not easy for

to make a super large, well experienced website that can convince people to donate money and to handle them quickly and safely.

recently, Kyle Rush wrote an article, revealing a lot of insider, from a technical point of view summed up the production experience. Let’s take a look at how Obama’s technical team did it.