Examples explain how to use hot keywords to get a lot of traffic

last night, that is, in August 13th, happy boy 7 into 6 of the PK day, about 9 in the evening, more than a whim, decided to use the "happy boy" this keyword to do the flow test. The result is very smooth, the effect is quite ideal (see Figure 1 to figure four, ha ha, in order to avoid my station was human flesh, hide part of the content, hope understanding). Similar tests have been done before, and have achieved greater success. Now do standing more and more difficult, appropriate use of popular keywords strategy, not only can capture a lot of traffic, but also greatly enhance the webmaster do station confidence and enthusiasm. This is a search engine with the real thing, the "struggle", fight hand to hand with the bucket is the head of the wisdom and ability to improvise. Gossip less, and now I will experience and practices summarized as follows, for the webmaster reference:

1, battlefield to select

the so-called battleground here is the platform where you publish content. Can be blog, post bar or forum, etc., mainly depends on what your purpose is. Generally speaking, in their own independent station is the best release, said the best means that these traffic can be fully utilized, not to say that independent stations included and ranking must be good. Of course, join you have a very high weight and Baidu update faster station, then you will have the best battlefield. Visible, high weight or fast update platform is preferred, as long as this is to ensure that your article was included in a timely manner and get better rankings, otherwise other efforts are in vain.

2, good news,

so-called mastering information means mastering the initiative. For example, you want to promote the "happy boy" this keyword, you must have more than this year’s "Happy Boys" schedule has a relatively clear grasp, in order to get twice the result with half the effort. In fact, this information doesn’t need to be understood. Sometimes, you can learn more about the hot topics that are popular recently. You can make the key words in this respect.

3, the time to choose the right

at the same time grasp the information, but also to see the opportunity, for example, you rely on the usual use of the general "happy boy" this keyword flow, the difficulty must be great, the effect is not satisfactory. Take happy boys, for example, we should seize the key matches of each knockout match as the opportunity to attack.

4, act quickly,

there’s no need to say too much. Don’t hesitate to choose the right time. For example, you did it on the day of the happy boys’ contest, and after a few days, the effect was very bad. Therefore, the action should be fast, usually in the evening of the game will begin planning, and began to promote.

5, the word should be precise,

The choice of the

keyword is important because our traffic comes from user search. Choosing it is half the battle. We should choose some popular keywords derived from the long tail keywords, here will involve the most popular keywords prediction analysis of the problem. This is the most skilled, zhikeyihui but can not explain in words, it mainly depends on you for users to search.