was hit by Baidu and waist please help yourself

these days have been thinking about this in the webmaster online hair article, today finally have time to sit down.

first said that the road to their own station, as with all the webmaster, I began to contact the network from 04 years, contact the site is in 05 years to participate in the school organization to participate in the province’s computer skills competition opportunities. At that time I was not in the network but we are familiar with graphic design but, because of the need to participate in this contest so that the network room will stay at school every day, first discovered in the course of time is called the dark horse of the site, up to now seem to provide self built stations, so where is my first "the site" was born, but always feel boring every day, just the point of the article, but there is a chance of one of my classmates had found my site in Baidu search, surprised, really has a key word row in the front page of the Baidu, very excited, but because of the busy work during good times don’t last long period plus three, the site of the clock is off the shelf.


University began looking for virtual space free, from xinwen365 to 5i8 later this year, is a decision to buy a their own space, what project, to find a familiar point 3DMAX (because he is the school interior domain) with reference to sj63, so I the domain name is born, (www.3dmax63.cn).

but recently very worried, because the problems included, I found I was Baidu to rinse, some time ago included dozens of articles (New) and now when I go to site but a few, but also a few key words from the heart, it is a wonder.

I did not do SEO, did not deliberately engage in traffic, Baidu K so do not talk about principles, do not stand to say K on the?.

asked several webmaster on QQ told them, finally found is the reason: K self Links, originally wanted to rely on those Links for several IP, did not think IP did not return, instead of K. What a pity.

finally remind you webmaster, self-help friendship is really convenient, but still want to do.