Looking for a job is better than standing Talking about the operation of local forum

time flies, it has big 4, go to find work everywhere, with many students, the pick, looking for work hard. While studying in Hangzhou, but I was in Yuyao, in order to work after the new year I often go to Yuyao and Yuyao to dig talent network forum information, because I was visiting the 19 floor forum, often heard Xiamen fish individual local forum how good, strong, looking at the development of our Yuyao forum is not very well, there is a kind of oneself also do a look at ideas.

I am a station rookie, not the entire site, but will be the whole forum ha, since you want to do it, and thought for a long time, tried a lot of meters, and finally finalized the domain name: www.0574yy.com. 0574 is the area code of Ningbo, and YY is the abbreviation of Yuyao pinyin. Personally feel good, memories, Ningbo, Yuyao, very appropriate, and now than the Yuyao Forum BBS short, good, narcissistic.

has been watching some of the network information in this article, said that now do local stations have their job prospects, plagued by things, think if you can do well the local station, that is not work is not found, but also to concentrate on our own love network, not to the nice ^_^

shoot two hawks with one arrow?

often Admin5, behind the webmaster forums, only know how to propaganda came to power, nothing more than propaganda, such as: QQ group promotion, promotion of forum, chat room promotion, promotion flyers, Links promotion, mail promotion, promotion and so on Post Bar.

and I did the same, and some of the promotion methods I have tried, the results are good, but I ignored a lot of questions:

1: This is the forum, not the website. Secondly, this is the local forum, not the feature forum. If it is the website, I can enrich N content, and then go to other places, BBS publicity, BBS propaganda website will not exclude, BBS propaganda BBS is competition, basic will be deleted.

2: if I were special forums, such as beauty, software crack, movie download, it will have the corresponding hot Post Bar, domestic each big forum can do publicity, can quickly produce a certain flow, but I am local forum, just need the local users, even if other local users attracted, also not the target customers.

3: pretty Yuyao, Yuyao is well-known in the literature of the state, a lot of famous scholars, at the same time in the same county economic strength before 20, but also China plastic mold Township, township, Yangmei Township, township of mustard and so on, thought the network has been very popular, so I went to the corresponding Post Bar and various Q group to promote that judge a little mistake, almost no one Post Bar, Q group added, many do not know what is the forum, or know what it is, but have never been to. After chatting with some friends, I found a very serious problem: at present, the young people in Yuyao are out of school, work, what, older, not how to access the Internet, not to mention