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"one" HAO123’s crazy

in the field of Web sites, hao123 is a miracle that is later insurmountable. Its high monthly income of over 50 million of the purchase price, fanatical set off a wave of construction sites. Overnight, tens of thousands of personal webmasters rushed in to grab the last piece. However, the network of rivers and lakes is cruel, and tens of thousands of Web sites, but also this cruel interpretation to the extreme.

hao123 succeeded because it was born in a strange time for Internet users. In which era, through the web site to find what you need, when it is the majority of the main features of Internet users. However, as Internet users become more familiar with the Internet, and the search engine has risen, ordinary Internet users have little need for hao123’s almost inflexible web site model.

"two" will be introduced into the URL station, the future trend of

Is the

address station at an end? The answer is clearly negative.

the idea has been popular, as personal webmaster, you will not notice to do web site to segment the audience? To do industry site navigation, because the base of users is very large, professional subdivision down the audience is not small, if you can really hold a field the users on your web site that is very effective, and that the future web site to bring you the benefits may be much higher than the large and complete web site, because your audience fixed, your advertising effect is good..

of course to the industry Web site, you have to understand or preference for this industry, so as to make your site so distinctive, really can give the industry to bring convenience, for example I have a webmaster navigation network built a friend, originally he is to access their own convenience, because he specializes in network marketing, so every day we need to use a lot of webmaster tools, but some webmaster tools, function is not so full, but many webmaster tools online connection is wrong, so he himself, and later asked many webmaster their daily use tools. Then, after selection the actual useful web site, there are now two months later, many of his friends around him also love the webmaster navigation network, now has a daily 2000-3000 People webmaster use this site navigation, for a new station, has been very good, and this base every day in geometric shape growth.

"three" attentively, so distinguished, professional, so superior

In fact,

navigation is dead, but many websites piled in there, you have to do is in accordance with the user’s habits to a reasonable combination of law, give users the greatest convenience, these groups know surfing habits, often on the web site, often using the Internet tools, and then be arranged for them. Give a clean interface.

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