Dragon boat dry on the theory acquisition pseudo original original

I want to see the title many owners will feel the three content not we have been discussing the problem? Some time ago, Baidu also said that the original is one of the best sites promotion way, avoid acquisition and pseudo original is a website better way. But is that really so? Obviously, since I’m writing this, I’m going to tell you about these three aspects,



1, collecting


collection is our most most love to do things, like when we were in primary school to write love from writing the book a copy, because it can not move the brain, save a lot of effort, so that we can have more time to do other things. But what we know is that there are so many things on the Internet these days that we also understand Baidu a little bit. It has a set of mechanisms to determine whether or not it will be collected. But we really can’t give up this knowledge,


2, pseudo original

pseudo original can be said to be higher than collection, because what? Because of the collection of things, we want to change it into pseudo original, is a need to move a little bit of brain thing. But please don’t mistake pseudo original, not for a title, paragraph from the new adjust order can become a pseudo original, pseudo original many times we need to move more brain, it means we need to see the article or other content after processing, in their own words from the new expression!

3, original

let’s make an analogy. If the content is pure silver, then pseudo original is gold, and when we write the original, it is a diamond. It’s dazzling and dazzling, but compared to what we know is that diamonds are very rare and difficult to create, so we need to put in more experience when we’re creating diamonds,



1, collecting

is our stereotyped prejudices a view of the collection, most of the time most webmasters are Baidu, the old owners get very confused, because they say the effect of acquisition of the things on your web site is really small, and many owners have abandoned the acquisition of this road. Thus a great effort to the pseudo original, original, this effect is really not obvious. Then you must ask what benefits the collection has,


a) increases site capacity by

our website every day if only by the original or false original, how much we can add a new content every day? We all know that Baidu is a new type, if your site is frequently updated, then he will often visit your site, increase the access depth of your site, you may also release colleagues more pages! We do is to collect the number of weapon to win! If you really want to do while the number of acquisition, and do not come, then still.