nternet turmoil constantly the webmaster should use a good attitude to face

December just four days ago, but these four days for the Internet, especially for the webmaster is not calm, there have been too many things, can be described as storm constantly, a wave of flat waves. In short, it’s not good, basically bad things. Baidu phoenix nest program officially started, Baidu included site is not normal, and a wide range of K station. Owners who complain incessantly, and do not know the reason. Has not just recovered from the Baidu K station, and then Shanghai mobile computer room was CCTV exposure, providing access to the WAP porn site, which led to the computer room checked, the server closed. Gates of fire affecting the fish, then quickly lead to special rectification activities of Internet site did not record and bad information, quickly spread wide range of provinces and cities nationwide. A lot of room one after another were seized, tens of thousands of the site can not be opened. Shanghai, Anhui, Jiangxi, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Henan, Shanxi and other major computer rooms have been seized. The Jiangxi Jingdezhen room jurisprudence, telecommunications business are stopped, the well-known IDC Yanhuang network room can be suspended for the fate of the current Anhui nearly 10000 websites still cannot access the paralysis. The "cleaning" activities, the webmaster suffer the most, or the site is still paralyzed, or can only replace the computer room, the loss is not small.

network is cruel, especially for stationmaster, network environment is more cruel. Over the past few years, I believe that the old master has experienced many times "strike hard", the National Day crackdown, record, strike hard, basically a larger computer room have experienced "strike hard" baptism". It can be said that most of the computer room for illegal yellow information control, it should be said to do is still very good. But illegal pornographic information is almost impossible to completely eliminate, even if you strictly will have room for thorough investigation of loopholes, loopholes will have a fish escaped through the seine. In addition, some small websites that have not been filed or only provide archival materials have provided a large number of small computer rooms, and provided the conditions for the breeding of bad illegal information. But everything can not be a nest end, as long as the illegal yellow information control, control it in an acceptable degree, and from the laws and regulations to improve the ISP management system, can really put an end to illegal yellow information. The crackdown, the webmaster claimed that a man of ancient crime, are frequent in the modern appeared again, indeed, that killed a stick, and across the board method, but not clear from the fundamental source of illegal pornographic information. Whether it is Baidu K station, or thorough investigation of the record and illegal yellow information, and finally hurt the deepest personal adsense.

most of the personal Adsense, in fact, are down to do station, seriously make money, there are indeed some people playing edge ball, do illegal information, gambling, pornography stations to make money, but after all, is a minority. Stationmaster from any angle, all belong to the Internet vulnerable groups, each time the Internet make any storm, the first spread is low-level personal adsense. Baidu K station and the "strike hard" from now on, the webmaster is actually complain incessantly, most sites are legitimate for the record without any problems website, these websites contain too many webmaster webmaster experience is the sweat of countless days and nights of hard > Update