Creative ad no limit grassroots webmaster how crazy

a few days ago around Admin5, see figure wangdage wrote some "records" the party yesterday and chat, eat Ma   it did give me our webmaster AD a lesson, but also feel full stickers reading, "soft" and "flicker" is in place. Of course, Mr. Wang isn’t just as simple as AD. He’s more telling us that "ad is an art",

webmaster in the end how the AD is considered to be a qualified artist, personal feel is to "flicker" in "invisible", so that ad does not look ad, is the highest realm of ad!


share some of my summary ad experience, purely personal opinion, deficiency of Haihan

one. Title – if the title doesn’t attract the audience, how crazy are you,


1. and the current popular detached, took the king’s figure "party yesterday and Ma eat and chat some records", is to seize the current hot, everyone knows that Taobao Baidu war, see the "natural Ma" on the point of


2., and similar tactics, and "playing with the edge of pornography", the use of men lewd this weakness, I believe that SP do know this better than I do!


3. the use of people’s curiosity as a brother in the Admin5 Trading Forum "5000 XXX program", the fire, I was at the point, no matter you have, go in and see what the program worth the price, to see a strange, get a look to know is "5000" by the word game a

of course, the corresponding method is also a lot, but also has a special title party, in short, crazy first step is to attract others, a good title is a good start,

two. Content – content is the soul of AD,

1. content should be readable, the light has a good title without real content does not work, the quality of the soft, depends more on the content is very simple, you write a good title, then a bunch of nonsense, others see also know you are in AD, but not you.


2. content to be controversial, for example, I have this post what controversial, so he did not fire is also normal, but the fire is not weak, so the content must be controversial, this is what is called the "tipping point", to let others see this post is to say the impulse, so you the post will not sink too fast!

if you really think a controversial topic. Then teach you a trick, often in the trading procedure around the District, today a title called "brother others money, I am free to send" (this is the title of the charm) point in, first out is a SP advertising alliance, start feeling of being fooled, but the following does have to send data, but you have to leave the mailbox and then he replies, send your mailbox to see this! Understand?

and yes >