Discussion on how to keep an inexhaustible innovation power for individual station owners

once opened personal website, enter IT industry doorsill, individual stationmaster is destined to be mixed with "innovation" this noun accompanies life. The Internet itself is a rapidly changing industry. With the progress of technology, the Internet continues to meet the growing material and spiritual needs of the people. In fact, it is difficult to define, is human needs to stimulate the technological revolution of the Internet, update or Internet technology have stimulated human endless pursuit, perhaps this is a chicken or the egg of the boring argument. However, it is generally acknowledged that the extraordinary creativity of some technological elites and business elites plays a crucial central role. For example, Jobs, Gates, Ma Huateng, they can combine the technical strength and customer needs, and create a IT myth that people can not predict in advance. Individual stationmaster manages his website, also need to have an innovation ability likewise. This innovation is an important prerequisite to ensure that the site occupies a place in the market competition.

webmaster to upgrade their creativity in website construction, technology development helps to keep up with the Internet, discover customer needs first early, so that their website is always in The early bird catches by marketing, industry leading position. In order to achieve this goal, the webmaster needs to strengthen the creativity training in the following three aspects:

always be curious. The curiosity of individual stationmaster can not die forever. This curiosity will support a person who boldly clicks on the unfamiliar web site and finds one of the most attractive sections of the site, comparing the pros and cons of marketing. At the same time also continue to try to play some new online games, try to use some of the new network settlement, try through the mobile phone communication platform and micro-blog platform marketing, try to use the new virus prevention programs and settings etc.. A station owner can only discover new business opportunities by keeping his curiosity. Once this lack of curiosity, it will lose all the endogenous impetus of innovation.

two is fully prepared for ability. Believe that opportunities are for those who are prepared. Webmaster can’t on the web is all things to all men generalists, may be CSS encoding and SQL expert, but the FLASH animation and PS image processing at. These need to pay close attention to improve their own web site of the talent pool, the key moment to please website maintenance and web production of the top technology, to solve the web site in the development of the looming thorny problem. At the same time, we should pay attention to the usual technical summary and experience accumulation, and actively study marketing, media advertising, human resources management and other knowledge, fill their own knowledge "short board"".

three is to do a good job of site experience, to seek the customer’s first demand. Although the development of the Internet today is quite mature, people can get through the Internet, communication, entertainment, shopping, business investment, and convenient conditions in many aspects, wrote in the online chat, online stock funds, shopping online payment online, watching TV, listening to music, but the customer needs are never ending. >