Lowings cash flow also depends on the content of structured UGC


in recent years, the fire self-help travel concept, there are many related products, but the removal of several early OTA giants, and where this kind of platform products, travel the rest of the cicada travels, bread has been in a tepid state, by contrast, QiongYou users in 2013 breakthrough tens of millions, tens of millions of dollars to get financing for Alibaba, entrepreneurs have shouted "outbound travel Raiders, only do not do UGC tools" slogan, the case is just the opposite of poor travel network.

is a poor travel network is the founder of Shaw began in 2004 when studying on personal website, the cause is Shaw found, whether it is Chinese abroad or are going to travel abroad who have travel demand. 08 years later, Shaw set up the team, after 3 years of exploration, finally decided to continue the tour "outbound" gene.

now poor travel network home page, you can see some development: destination, poor travel tips, travel assistant, community, discount, hotel reservation. In fact, the first place of the "destination" reflects the poor pay the most attention, according to co-founder Zhou Tong told me that the destination is the biggest characteristic of structured information, which the content is UGC, POI years of forum content purification location information into Tag content through artificial selection, retrieval is convenient for the user the most direct way.

and "traveller" is QiongYou hired writers like Lonely Planet, recorded by the local Chinese experience writing travel route books, when asked why not published a book, Zhou Tong told me that the current cycle of the information age and the habit of reading books has been unable to meet the changes of the tourist spot, sale from Lonely Planet in 2013 by BBC in the original purchase price close to the price of 1/3, and the transformation of the introduction of e-books is an example.

home page third is the function of travel assistant, the mention of this function, we may take the cicada travel and bread travel comparison, but Zhou Tong believes that some of the two travel far away from the final business scenarios to bread travel as an example, last year only tentatively launched 20 list price of 29 thousand East African trip to Kenya, and the cicada travels not too much commercial action, "this is because the travel notes just before and after the ends of the travel, and travel demand is far." Zhou Tong said.

in my opinion, cicadas travel or bread travel isn’t aware of this, the problem is that in recent years, with the two started the trend of mobile Internet applications, has missed the golden age forum community, the biggest characteristic lies in the poor community management as well as the content of the UGC random assembled into structured content, but for two start-ups in front of as mentioned, the cost of operating the community undoubtedly is too heavy, so the only choice in a practical way of cutting tools, to gradually form a community.

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