How to retain your customers with good service

e-commerce people know that the cost of developing new customers is very high, whether they are through portal advertising, competitive advertising, or other marketing means. In some competitive industries, such as breast enhancement and weight loss, the marketing cost of developing a new customer could go to $1000-2000. These customers come to your website, if only a single purchase behavior, it is undoubtedly a huge loss for enterprises, how to retain them is the key to the future development of enterprises. This article expounds how to retain customers with good service.

1: order transaction process and follow-up

generally speaking, the order and the follow up process of the order are shown in the following diagram:


four in this process, the client process mainly rely on marketing to promote the entrance, but the reputation effect of friends is produced by the high quality service, if done well can play a huge role in viral marketing.

and then browse the website content, consulting and customer service, transaction service links are in fact service plays a dominant role in the process of the link, if we can improve the quality of service, customers really from the starting point to consider, it can greatly improve the customer retention rate and viscosity, the benign form of word of mouth.

two: service awareness in website design

in the design of the website, we must have a full sense of service, all design must be convenient for customers as the starting point. In simple terms, a web site with good service awareness must have the following features:

1: Web browsing speed;

2: the page is concise, clear classification, rich instructions, can help customers quickly find what you want to know;

3: features easy to use, minimize customer clicks and input;

4: page rich and attractive, can stimulate the customer’s desire to buy;

three: service control in consulting and transaction

customers in the web browsing process if you have the desire to buy, generally consult customer service staff to decide to buy or leave, so in the process of control will directly determine the site of the volume size, the site must do the following work.

1: provide multi-channel customer service entrance

must provide multi-channel access to customers to meet customer needs of different characteristics and levels. For example, 400 enterprise phone, enterprise QQ, web version of online customer service, e-mail and so on, and put these channel information on the site’s most prominent position, the greatest degree of convenience for customer inquiries.

2: improve the professionalism of customer service personnel

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