How to optimize the picture station in order to make more money

today accidentally saw someone selling two sets of gorgeous template in Admin5, go in, feeling really good template! Absolutely original! Address posted, you see he is damaged because of the space is painful. That’s really great,

really wants to buy him, but he has recently invested not less than 3 websites, it is a bag of shyness, after all, he is still a student, there is not enough economic base to spend. At this point, the real experience of "a penny is a hero Han" flavor……

here, I write is to express my own views, two is to propagandize for him, hope someone can buy, if used to make money advertising, a little promotion once a month, earn at least 2000-3000 dollars! Why is not touch Bole Chollima? I ran


actually, picture stations or anime stations are best used for advertising, because most of their target groups don’t pay attention to what ads are, so long as there is something, they want to have a look. Moreover, most people who browse the picture station like to look at pictures at the same time, click some window of other things, this is also the picture station click rate high reason,


well, well, talk about how to optimize the picture stand to earn more money?

first, the theme is better. The most profitable station is the "edge ball" station, which is a little bit tempting, but it is definitely not a "color"". In fact, every operation knows that this station is easy to make money. But why not do it? Because there’s so much to do, and to be outstanding, you have to have good technology, but most picture owners are technical. So, when I see the two templates above, 3, very tempted, very tempted.

second, high quality. On the premise of equal content, competition is quality. This than we have been very clear, I will no longer talk.

finally, explain: I write this is just express my opinion, to play a! After you read my article, if there is to study, you can add my qq:915249938. if there is a novice, want to do image station to make money, or broadly, want to make money by doing stand, recommend you to buy the two pieces of the template, a month is definitely back with interest. Don’t go back to me, I’ll give you free optimization!


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