Do English traffic navigation or exchange chain to earn U S dollars

I am a webmaster group (group number: 65631954) on the webmaster friends often ask me: what to do most profitable, my answer is: do what all make money. But the premise is to go back to the worst solution, and that’s the flow. The principle of doing a website and opening an entity store is the same. You want your store to have a good geographical position, that is, to make money as a steamed bun, and you have to buy a large supermarket up the barren hill without any income. Therefore, the form is not important, traffic is the most important!


just said to open the store location, the site is like this, the geographical position is very important, for example, you do Google Firefox download in China, now a $0.01, while in a foreign country do now is a $1, a difference of 100 times for the same Google, click on the ads in foreign countries IP price and the domestic price is also a paradise for a hell! So think we can put in the domestic traffic skills derived to go abroad, if the operation succeeds earned income will be more than N times in domestic.

in the domestic traffic easier to obtain is similar to I le 123 entertainment navigation traffic navigation class website and exchange chain, so we can do English traffic navigation or exchange chain. Mainly for foreign stations do flow exchange, join the webmaster also locked to do English station domestic AdSense and foreign standing friends. Including servers are also sent abroad. The backstage management total administrator is all Chinese, in front of all English, join the webmaster management platform has Chinese and English points, the purpose of doing so is to take care of to do English domestic webmaster station. Whether I like music entertainment 123 navigation traffic navigation site or exchange chain, so that the flow of the exchange platform itself is an automatic promotion process, because each advertisement has its own ads, and now the domestic do English friends of the station traffic sources is single (mostly by English Google search or the foreign forum post), so this will continue to develop and grow, more and more do English station in this platform. Of course the biggest beneficiary is the operator of this website, can obtain the foreign traffic of not less than 30% every day in vain. Using these traffic, no matter what you do, is profitable, because foreign IP is the most valuable


of course above this is just one case, if the conditions of people immediately start do effect should be obvious, because it is not very difficult, the flow of the navigation station or exchange chain template change, can be translated into English. And then invest part of the money, in Admin5 Adsense nets, laggards and so on, where the webmaster gathered several months advertising, attract part of the English station webmaster. Then, no, then, wait for the dollar,


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