ndividual stationmaster must not continue to do the streaking of thought

individual stationmaster in "the naked person of thought" basically refer to two kinds of crowd.

is a kind of just contact webmaster novice friends, these friends of the web industry is still in the initial stage, can also be said that the dream stage, the Internet also have great expectations, think the Internet is a place full of hope, think that the Internet can bring their great wealth. Originally, the Internet industry to understanding of how much exposure to generally how much wealth for the owners Moumou case, and are happy, always think the same wealth myth will fall in the body, when you hear "from" good "warning" is not.


first started, the expected value is not generally high, some of the network on the negative things, can not see in the eyes of others "cold water" is denied, or how much to accept, but compared with the network in the best of spirits of wealth, will not put on the heart, that is it plays a major role on the wealth of unrealistic, greed for wealth, for your own overconfidence, more is blind. The real situation of the Internet will be with the opening of the field of vision and their own practice to prove, and slowly into the heart, it is only a matter of time, the cruel reality of the future will prove everything.

if it was this idea of a friend, please be careful about when it encountered such a situation, the person or article says what can earn much money, there is a project to hear people say what how good how, anyway, no matter what kind of form, no matter how many times turn. Their ultimate purpose is if let you pay for his time, must consider that it is very likely that the trap on the network big talk more, this part is to fudge a novice and do have a profit, this part of the people, please be careful, just remember the money in their own my son is my.

another kind is in the process of building the station, too much to self-awareness as the center, consider the problem, not from the demand. In the positioning process, I think what to do how good how, without actual investigation, purely personal imagination, this idea is untenable, if the real operation of open problems easily give up until, with the assurance of project is commonly found in some real-life problems but think of is, according to the actual needs of the. Not to say that as many webmaster friends do not know what to do, a few people together, on a pass, finally did not have what practical results, then stared to think ah, want to break the head also does not come out, people ask what kind of project, this matter will do less, a little there is no sense.

in the exploration of profit model, that is self-centered, what I want to collect fees what fee income, then several, if there is communication between peers to exchange, like this I have encountered such a lot of webmaster friends. In fact, the profit model does not have to be complicated, just to understand the good

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