How to let Google quickly included article

built SEO blog in Chaozhou less than a month, this afternoon just sent an article, less than an hour, Google included. Happy to share your experience:

1, do the internal optimization, don’t optimize too much, the article proper to add keywords links is necessary. If a keyword appears more than two times, add a link to the keyword that appears first and point to the article related to the keyword.

2, the article’s update as long as stable, do not need to say a day to update a lot of articles, because write blog, unless reprinted, otherwise it can’t be updated a lot a day, I think search engines will not be so unrealistic. So, one day, one or two days, one three days, one article, does not matter.

3, the web site should be full before the contents of the good, search engines will not like the content of the web site.

4, do the chain, the chain can be obtained in many ways:

sends the soft wen. The weight of the high site or forum with the original post links, the general character of webmaster reproduced will bring you the link; link on the Links online, Links many sites, there are many high weight, multiple links is always good; with the same type of site exchange links, link exchange don’t be too utilitarian, not PR is not high not to change, not included is not high nor change. In fact, as long as the other website is not K, change links is always beneficial;

5, to collect their articles bookmarks, such as Baidu collection, QQ bookmarks and so on.

6, be sure to set up a XML format sitemap, which is very useful for Google index your website.

fourth is important and difficult because it requires good patience and persistence. Success in this respect will lead to success.

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