n 2008 there was no website for my life

in 2008, for the country, at the beginning of the snowstorm, 5-12 earthquake, Olympic Games, God seven launch, to the end of the financial crisis, to 08 years is an extraordinary year. At the same time a year like the cross of the year. The country is extraordinary, and I haven’t started it since 08 years ago. There are many reasons, such as: no goals. No fixed time, no technical home, and so forth. In the past, when I was standing, I would stare at my website everyday. Constant CRTL+C or +V, copy, paste, copy, paste, apply every day, update, average 2-3 hours per day, hang on your website. Every day I try to earn some GGAD. Update your website, play the game, basically every day night life is so spent. Such days. He got up earlier than the chickens and did more work than the cows. Is to earn his own meal are not guaranteed. This can only be said that I do stand failure, people do stand at least earn one hundred and eight thousand, but also to ensure their own temperature protection problem, but I can not. This kind of life lasted nearly half a year, tired. So I gave up the website and gave up this life. Life is good. Don’t face the computer every day. As I wrote in my title, I want to write a year without my website.

some people may ask, you are accustomed to online life, one can adapt to the reality of life? The beginning of life, it is very difficult to adapt, but after one or two months, even if it is not the Internet, I can still meet the site down, no life, I am still alive. Now I like the job, although the salary is low, but every day to work very full, I can also learn not previously learned, although I don’t love this job now, but people always have a adapt to the environment, and the environment is not to cooperate with you, but you need to adapt to. Work at 8:30 in the morning, the normal work time is 6 in the afternoon, if busy, sometimes work overtime to twelve in the evening, this is also very common, low wages, long hours. But life is much more fulfilling than in the online world. Than on the network to do more meaningful than my monthly leave only two days, every holiday, I will be a week ahead of the rest days very full, guaranteed not to waste that the rest of the day. Every day after work. Make a phone call to a friend from afar, ask a friend about the situation, and chat with your roommate. Watch TV, sometimes pay, please have a friend to eat, this is the end of the day. The site has now largely been abandoned. Occasionally surfing the Internet is diving behind the forums, looking at the group of Y, over there, SY. Ha-ha。 Such a life may not have too many wonderful, but the human life, can be called a great and geometry it, I just want to live in peace, pingpingfanfan.

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