Cool the direction of the development of the 123 guiding station

web site now more and more people to see the success of Hao123, think they can also succeed. They begin to completely copy the hao123. result, there were a lot of garbage web station. So this time and there are many people in the industry in contempt of this phenomenon, there are a lot of people gradually began to think that the success of hao123 is can not be copied. To do. There is no way and future.

but I think these views are one-sided. There is no specific issues specific analysis. The speech may say, now to do a web site as successful as hao123, defeasibly. Because of the success of the hao123, there are too many factors, in general is hao123 when the master Li Xingping in the number of Internet users China explosion, do a primary users very love, very useful website, and with himself very hard and the user experience analysis and so on. This site, in addition to the efforts to do a very good, there is a very important time and adhere to.

we should ask is: now do the site in the end there is no development? My answer is yes. Throughout the development of the Internet, there are " " and " innovative ideas; " development and breakthrough. Anything cannot do without innovation " " /p> thinking.

URL station how to do? How to innovate?

answer: any valuable thing can not be too clear!


analysis: hao123 after the breakthrough, the vertical URL station.

what does the vertical URL stand for,


here do not explain too professional, that is the breakdown of the industry Web site, focusing on a specific range of Web site. This site has a lot of, but there are still many industries and classification has not been entered

The development of

cool 123 has always been to the user experience as the focus of the work, even one day only 5000 people visit, we will follow the way consistent from beginning to end, until the user approbate! Cool 123 (

million webmaster

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