Doing website persistence is victory

I engaged in the construction site work for many years, has not thought of having a website sent a small fortune, is not too much to think of the concept of Wangzhuan, where.

I always have a special liking for Internet novels. I always look at it when I’m free, and I even use my cell phone when I sleep.

recently read Mou Changqing network promotion experience to share, to see some of his successful experience in the promotion, coupled with the recent find a ready-made novel website program, came up with the novel idea of SEO test site.

I have a mortgage, a shortage of funds, 100 yuan to buy a 1G space, the domain name is more than a friend over there abandoned many domain name, he gave me a good domain name: I see a 4 word domain name without demur, brought on by the next step is to parse, upload, for me this for many years engaged in the network the work of the people, really is a very simple thing.

is the daily cycle of work. 1. novel data add, I know the website updated every day, Baidu would love to grab your nest 2. mixed Post Bar, the earth people know, every day with the main battle, that tired, often just finished, put the top when prompted, your post does not exist. 3. Brush ALEXA this is really no way, the first video network that advertising requirements of the site must to a certain world ranking will be approved, otherwise ignored you want to mix point of advertising is not easy, do not give a little face.

see the webmaster nets above a lot of SEO experience, have inspired try, but has little effect, the fundamental reason is my friend’s domain name to toss, then I go to the Baidu shows that the title is GOOGLE, because a friend was to take this as the domain name servers, and even done a time on the content of the web site optimization. Because the site has been submitted to, so I did not want to submit once, and slowly wait for GOOGLE and Baidu to grab, to update. During the experience of reading a lot of friends, Baidu is not included, it is good to do the content, I believe that he is, and do not make too many keywords pile up. So I’m not in a hurry. Just wait.

after 20 days have passed, GOOGLE has included the 16 pages, but the traffic statistics above without any keyword feedback will only come every day to see GOOGLE to grab and display 2, 3 Baidu keyword is the same, unchanged for thousands of years, it is evergreen.

and after 4, 5 days, see the webmaster online in Baidu K station, Marx station is K most movie program, I quickly SITE my station, the heart is cool and was SITE, now SITE no, no Baidu how to live ah, sometimes I really do not think the others abandoned the domain name. It’s too late to regret now.


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