mprove user experience website construction content is king

, it is appropriate to describe information on the Internet with magnanimity. In the pursuit of maximum access process, let your website from the vast amount of information, stand out, improve the user experience, do a good job in website content construction and website promotion are in a critical position.

there is no denying that the construction site has a strong R & D team, must be a reliable product planning team, a patient and enthusiastic customer service team, in addition, influence of website development there are two very important factors, that is the content of the website construction and website promotion team. Today, let’s start with the content building.

‘s editorial team building

in the general website construction process, the website content construction is by the editorial team to complete. Each editor itself is an information gatekeeper, directly holds the screening and optimization of the website information, the gatekeeper plays a decisive role to continue or discontinue the transmission of information, the Internet media as a new media, has a high quality objective for editorial team construction is very important.

forum and blog information dissemination way emerging, although the traditional gatekeeper checks the status seemed marginalized in the overnight, the gatekeeper theory seems to have no foothold, but in my opinion, the right of public opinion and differentiation, weakening the news discourse diversion is the traditional gatekeeper to enhance their to cope with the challenges of the opportunity, virtually require editors from the massive and complex information was screened for their site location information for time is shorter, information quality is higher, stronger sense of social responsibility.

in addition, editorial employees also remember that the audience is not only the participants, or leader, as scholar Schram said, just like the audience to participate in the dissemination in the cafeteria dining, role of the media in this communication environment only serve the audience, let the audience as much as possible to provide satisfying meals (information). As for the audience, what to eat, how much to eat, whether to eat or not to eat, all depends on the audience’s own wishes and preferences, the media is powerless. Therefore, the editors should not only cook delicious meals, but also pay attention to the needs of the audience, but here the need to remind the editors point, website content not to cater to the vulgar taste of a few people will deviate from the original web content theme, web content should not be popularized, but can not deviate from the social moral course otherwise, the construction site will not Everything is going smoothly..


content is king

remember in learning communication, the book has a very profound impact on me, the survival of the site lies in the quality of the content of the site, the more information is flooding the times, the content of Wang Yue is the right way.

After the

news release, will soon be reproduced to other sites on the phenomenon has some people say that this is It is often seen., the age of the Internet information sharing spirit, that is good, but in my opinion, a lot of information or.

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