Hai Yi Bao 5 keywords network marketing personnel must know

in the fierce competition in the market, every day we are racing to grab the customer, earn every penny, trouble. But one day when a variety of Internet brand overnight explosion of red when we find, for their products is very difficult to find a breakthrough in network marketing, website, online store a lot, but rarely see into substantial profits, seeing people earn large profits of the cup, we again do not know how to do


do not know if you have not thought about this problem? When we stop into the marketing costs, but often frustrated when they began to complain, will start to feel the Internet is not realistic, then give up. So early in the as cast to the wind. Is marketing blue ocean really bad access? Today share with you a few keywords:

in 2007, I participated in "win in China", and was honored by the 108 finalists, this is a special life baptism, it let me deep insights, regardless of others to your admiration or praise, doubt or deny, you will still have to take your dreams. "Win in China" let me read two words: stick to it.

want to insist on is actually very simple, every breath, every breath, every heartbeat, relaxation. Analogy marketing is the same, when we decided to invest in an Internet marketing campaign, we must know how to persevere, heaven has its own justice, pay a total return. As long as the heart, and find the right direction, you can achieve the input-output ratio conversion.

In fact, the initial

network marketing is very simple, don’t expect one to eat into fat, that is not practical, practical for each step, in fact Chinese words interesting, sharing the first keyword network marketing. The purpose of our marketing is to sell. To camp pin before the camp has created pitch camp of Italy, which means that marketing is not a short process, need to recharge your batteries, also apply for brand marketing, because the brand from well-known to reputation and loyalty but also enhance the long process of accumulation. "Pin" word, next to the gold on the left, means metal tools, which should be the ancient stone age to the birth of metallurgical technology, human beings will use the tools to reflect. Literally, it means taking advantage of external forces.

Internet sales of different entities can be seen and touched, you can immediately choose, for example, a friend to buy sea cucumber, you can go directly to my store, that is the reason. Therefore, many enterprises in the Internet to do promotion, and found that the input-output ratio is different, this is because we do not recognize the essence of marketing. The Internet based on virtual architecture, this means that the sales must be based on a good faith, trust, so the purpose of network marketing is not in sales so simple, but lend to another key words: fame.

what is fame and fortune? Chinese characters have pictographic meaning, such as "name", and above is the sunset "night" word, below is the mouth, means a mouth, because >

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