Lu Songsong 2010 years of nternet stationmaster meeting presents 6 kinds of people

People with type

, so the 2010 Birds of a feather flock together., webmaster general assembly, I put this stationmaster Congress all guests roughly divided into 6 categories:

1:IT star – not the stationmaster’s webmaster

any industry has a star, the station is also, webmaster is too lonely, need spiritual leader, so Li Kaifu and Tang Jun teacher is fully deserve webmaster star, we are looking up, worship, a word they say, we have to record and analysis for half a day, and then will understand the reason, find out some more pithy phrases, as QQ signature. While sleeping, they think about everything they say, and then go to work on the second day as usual……

2: Super webmaster – they’re a little closer to us,

, Cai Wensheng, Dai Zhikang, Dong Qinfeng, etc., they are super webmaster, we look up to the same object. They left us a bit closer, and occasionally they do together, exchange, or name card can be together to eat eat, once, unless you have a speaking acquaintance, value, or they can not remember you. Of course, the rookie level webmaster can see them flying slobber on Taiwan, successful communication station long are too high to be reached, is not the same as the door stood. Those who have access to them are the "total".

3:IT technology companies – going out are "total"

it is said that there are more than 2000 small and medium sized IT technology companies in Beijing. These companies are most active in changing their business cards. They are embarrassed to greet people without business cards. You stand, whether you are standing or sitting, some people will take the initiative to find you change the name card, and introduces their expectations of what the company is doing business cooperation, but also on the name card without exception, are "XX technology company xx".

companies such as owners of Congress as "Convention and Exhibition", but they are indeed the mainstay of this conference, but also the most active group. Without them, who came to interview these stars? Let them have more opportunities to show, like "Tencent micro-blog" and "Sina micro-blog" do sponsorship, also made micro-blog real-time reports.

4: the beginning of the commercialization of the webmaster – do not pull a few list of white


to tell you the truth, this is serious, us come into contact with the owners, they have a certain business model, begins to make money, but most of them still fight a lone battle or a 3, and a team of 4 people. They are in urgent need of business expansion, cooperation and advertising. They have no publicity magazines at the venue, Yilabao, no publicity, just so you go under the name card, whispering, most of the webmaster. They exchange business cards as aggressively as the IT companies. If you can be interviewed, "show off", that is the best.

5: Grassroots webmaster – I’m here to study, engage in relations,

Internet threshold to reduce the birth of a large number of individual owners and entrepreneurs. These stations >

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