T garbage station to the T industry portal gorgeous turn

The word "

" turn "to believe people are very love, should be. He represents a station from the station to a normal station, station, station brand transformation. Individual stationmaster has very big part, it is to begin through rubbish station, pass this "gorgeous turn round" Phoenix nirvana.

We used www.it086.net

(Chinese IT industry portal) showing the process of garbage station industry portal to pupate into a butterfly as an example for everyone.

the station, from the beginning has been on a collection, by collecting garbage station extension, but fortunately in the webmaster "pseudo original power" is included is good, has been relying on search big brother’s compassion and generosity, get some advertising revenue. But it actually contains all the garbage station is sad, it is like my hometown of farmers, dependent on the weather (home of the people are very hard, you have not experienced in the harvest day, do not know can completely control their own destiny is so precious, once the search is not high eldest brother) together, we will do the brothers refuse station lost all the food in a moment.

so most of the webmaster friends slowly learned to create their own brands, to complete their transformation. It086 completed the transition in a few days, not in a very long period of time. Sharing, and I hope to help you:

1: perfect content, improve the readability of website articles, establish "content is king" do station thinking. All articles or original, or do a perfect pseudo original processing. In short, let the article in the station, try to maintain the original style. So Baidu will think your brother is a good "".

2: to modify the layout, improve the user access experience, through the detailed analysis of statistical data, and seriously carry out the design and modification of website layout.

3: search engine seat of an ordinary viewer view, any optimization of the wrong site, so that all things are so natural search love to show in front of them, in fact, no knife wins knife, no more than SEO special seo". Well, as long as we stick to it, we won’t be eating in the morning,


4: the function above we provide new functionality station in some industries, such as increasing the "industry information release platform for free" the industry can be released within this platform and find their own love consulting and things. Set up a special monthly issue of the industry so that you never forget your website.

5: to provide almost the latest industry information, we want to IT industry portal, every day to collect and collate the latest IT industry information, let us consult at the forefront. In this way, every user to open eyes, naturally to our website today the latest information, at this moment, you think of our station or the station



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