Ma Yun’s second network Empire has been built

Hello, I am the 809 generation, is a small head of a small city recently, the Ali Mama national tour of stationmaster Congress put up a pageantry to attend, watching people I’m only envious. In September 3rd just after the XiaMen Railway Station after the event, how suddenly feel that this year the stationmaster Congress how so much, how the movement of the mom is so big, so check some information, comprehensive consideration, take these things together suddenly found second networks may be Ma was born in 09 years, and its status is not as a Alibaba, it is terrible, but Ma idol in my heart is stronger, I admire him more. Interested friends please bide after reading this article, you will also more admire Ma Yun, if you see the trouble to my space to see Youku video, the webmaster network starting, reprint please do not modify the contents of the article, and specify the source of "stationmaster net".

Ma Yun with 8 years of hard to create a myth of Alibaba, his personal and strategic vision of success and no firm belief, make thousands on thousands of impressed Ma Yun Alibaba bring wealth is enviable, must have many webmaster friends to see Ma Yun’s fortune are a lot of network entrepreneurial impulse. But think more friends like me admire is the wisdom of Ma Yun, a long-term strategic vision, is the ability to create wealth, and that in order to achieve their own beliefs and the ongoing efforts. Although the Alibaba is a can not be undone myth, but this is just the start, if seen in many Ma Yun mentioned in his speech, more of a life of the people of the Internet Chinese change into the form of practice is that you can buy home appliances through the network scheduled production in line with their own personalized appliances. And the like, there is Ma Yun’s e-commerce Empire, now the only Alibaba is to Chinese large manufacturers, Ma Yun is the goal of all businesses, to achieve this goal will be realized through Taobao to Chinese, "WAL-MART" is it.

Ma Yun’s second network Empire: personal website, Ali, mom, Taobao,

background: 1, Taobao is now only through advertising revenue, formal charges have not yet started, and Taobao is now doing business nationwide, local shopping has not yet officially opened up.

2, Ali’s mother is a feat after Ma both "let the world is not difficult to do business, let the world is not difficult to do advertising", has been developing rapidly in a short time, the momentum is fierce, recently in the national tour promotion webmaster General Assembly its precise, simple and efficient the advertising idea, a new strategy has already begun.

3, personal website development is rapid, but profitability difficult problems, individual owners of hunger and thirst for profit.

4, online advertising market share is growing, the network advertising big cake has surfaced.

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