Ali mother so promotion for what kind

in recent months respectively in Chengdu Anhui Guangzhou mom in Xi’an held a national tour webmaster majestic, it can be said to engage in the booming, each event gathered 300-1000 webmaster. But it also invited the webmaster network graph king, laggards forum refused to swim, the station and other famous punk and influential personalities to do guests. It can be said that Ali mother in order to promote their own, at any cost, painstakingly. It is said that Ali mother has been set up so far spent 300 million yuan. But Ali’s mother’s profit model is very difficult to figure out, his profit point, where the network advertising intermediary commission? Ha ha, intermediary commission, even their employees wages are not enough. Then why does Ali group spend a lot of money on publicity and promotion? They do Ali mother really as Ma said is for small and medium-sized Adsense service? Personally think that is not the case.

personally believe that Ali mother is to serve the entire Ali group. More precisely to Alipay and do. As we all know, the original Taobao and Baidu cooperation is very successful, and now Baidu in order to launch its own B2C products, canceled cooperation with Taobao, Taobao’s own traffic will also decline sharply. Without the main flow source how to do? Ma is very smart, chose to take a large number of small and medium-sized Adsense cooperation form, through cooperation with the webmaster to inject new blood for Ali department. That provides a way to make money at the same time for the small owners for their great flow, can kill two birds with one stone.

this principle is similar to the bucket effect. The amount of water a bucket does not depend on the highest block of wood on the barrel wall, but on the shortest piece on the barrel wall. Also called short board effect. If Alipay is the highest of the wood, so mom, is the most bottom board, only by constantly improve the 2 boards, with only enough water. We all know that Ma also has been losing money, but why always do so? Of course is to promote the Alipay, Ali in addition to Alibaba only Alipay most profitable. Alipay profit pattern is very clear. For example, for example, the user data is now the official announcement of the Alipay 80 million, if everyone in the inside of 1 dollars, is 80 million, if calculated in accordance with the daily interest China bank 1.17, net income of a day is very objective, this does not include bad debts account etc.. Of course, this is just a small profit Alipay, there are many other profit models.

why Ma does not directly promote Alipay promotion and Ali Mama, mainly a user problem. users with Alipay, Ali mother users also use Alipay, most can also rely on Ali mother provides traffic and popularity for the whole group.

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