ndustry website operation and profit model

first declare my literary talent is not good, please understand, the industry website should have 4 steps to do, planning stage, promotion stage, profit stage, mainly in my website as an example.

1. pre planning stage

main choice of site types, this type is very important, the prospects of this industry, the industry’s knowledge of the boss, the industry’s boss, understanding of the Internet and many other aspects. There is a specific industry to choose, do not abandon the narrow boguang, what industry want to do, want to include, for example, my China ginkgo tree network, I would choose the ginkgo tree in this industry, I do not do flowers, nursery stock, the market is too big, do not get through, and specific the industry, for our individual owners should be able to buy a house, so please be sure to choose the industry to do fine and small, individual stationmaster capacity is limited.

2. medium-term promotion stage

There are 3 ways to promote


A. online promotion, there are several SEO, pay competitive bidding, online advertising, mass mailing, QQ group and other network publicity.

SEO and paid for promotion this is very important, if you can go to the SEO, the industry recognition degree is high, the late advertising is good, (this is me, a master can help me, my website Chinese ginkgo tree network search before ginkgo trees are 5 months in the first since November 11th, Baidu big update, 2 months can not find) pay for this thing, now Baidu not to do industry website auction, you can choose Google and soso, but the effect of time, China ginkgo tree network to do Google and search promotion.

network advertising, this is in other big industry to do, this method can be exchanged with them, don’t invest too much. Bulk mail and QQ group, this should not overdo sth. don’t release too much, so as not to impact on the customers is not good,.

B. is offline advertising promotion entity, this includes many, color pages, name card, wall advertising, newspaper advertising, media advertising, a key to do, color pages, name card is necessary, the other not to say.

C. customer word-of-mouth publicity, this is very important, if the effect or good after-sales service, the latter will introduce many customers.

3. late earnings stage

the current industry portal to membership, advertising, product list ranking system based, not too much innovation profit model, my personal understanding of the success of a web site, there is a direct relationship between the great and the profit model, the detail analysis on the basic profit model, see you can find out the difference.

membership: membership is used to have specific functions for further completion of transactions when the viewer has a specific identity. On the portal website, when the site loyalty users reach a certain foundation, there will be a new site for the purpose of meeting advanced users

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