How to choose the best website keywords

perfect selection of keywords is one of the most important steps in Web optimization, and it’s also a problem that most people tend to ignore. People often come up with a few keywords at random, use them in a web page, and then submit these pages to a search engine, thinking they can get good rankings. As you all know, this usually does not bring you ideal results.

Before optimizing your web pages,

should spend some time thinking about what you need, the keywords, or the key phrases. Search engines are definitely an important source of access, but you need to take some time to make the most of their advantages.

, first of all, avoid radicalization. Don’t be impatient. Sit down, open your favorite text editing tool, and open your page in another window. Read your pages from start to finish, then pause and think about the following questions:

what’s my web page about?

What words in

can accurately describe the content of an entire web page?

when someone searches for similar information on a search engine, what are the key words that he might use?

when you find the answer, immediately write down the words or phrases that you have come up with, and pick out the keywords that are best for you. My practice is in the list of keywords selected 1- 2 medium popular keywords (because of the keyword is too popular is not easy to get a good ranking), and the keyword based web will focus on optimization, but also some of the more popular secondary keywords are also used in the web page, in order to these the common search keywords, "I can also appear in the results.

repeat the steps above to optimize the pages in your site. Make sure you have a unique list of keywords for each page. The keyword list between different pages does not form " competition " relationship, but should have each emphasis. But this does not mean that every page keyword list must be completely different, there are some similarities between the keyword list does not matter, but must pay attention to 100% keywords list cannot be exactly the same, because in the 20 search engines to get good ranking than in a single search engine to obtain 20 good rankings in.

well, now you have a list of keywords, but there may be some very hot words, such as "MP3", "books" or "Computers", and so on. The next thing to do is to break up these hot words. It may sound cruel, but if you’re a beginner, you won’t be able to get a good place on these keywords at all. Even the expert search engine login (I have to say is most experts) also try to avoid these words because they are too hot, there are tens of thousands of websites to them as target keywords to participate in the competition, even if your web optimization skills superb, you also can not guarantee.

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