A new webmaster do stand half year experience

I can do it entirely because of Baidu. Getting to know Baidu was six or seven years ago. I remember when I was about to graduate from college, and I was going to write my thesis. At that time, the network is not so popular now, although the school dormitory already has the campus network interface, but my understanding of the network is really just the beginning of the state. At that time, the most popular search engine in college was Google, and when you want to download software or find information, go to google. Just contact network I really think the Internet is a best gift for us, the world there is such a good thing, you will find what (search), it will give you what, but are free! When Baidu or just started the doll, usually used are Google, Baidu is in the when I do the graduation thesis is much. At that time, the feeling is that Google’s search results are comprehensive and large, and Baidu is so careless, so Baidu has only been used as a backup search engine for me,


after a lapse of seven years, Baidu has now cannot be mention in the same breath, the China search engine mobile phone! That Internet people cannot do without it, the Internet search with Baidu as we should brush your teeth every day the same habits basically. The person that gets online can not leave it, the person that makes stationmaster can not leave it more. Beginning last year, I had a chance to start the station. Although I learned the knowledge of web page production very early, it was five or six years ago. A lot of knowledge has been forgotten. Now it’s really hard to start a web page. I have to learn a lot of knowledge. However, because they have a certain foundation, so finally put the site into the site, do not say, because the layout did not look good, it also covered with advertising, even I think is out of order, feel shy out while the site is ~ ~ ~ ~ the garbage, but also is his the first half of the year to work, is their debut. During this website, let me learn a lot of things, but also let me into the arms of Baidu! Had been not do personal website there are so many people visit (1-2 1000 I think it is very powerful!), it can earn money! Just do the site, just want to play about it, then know the webmaster statistics, know behind, know each station will be on the Admin5, also know a person called graph king, fell in love with "stationmaster" in the industry. Every day in these online diving, began to know the site to promote, to search engine included, want to do SEO optimization, to do friendship connection, to send soft Wen, want to…… I can’t say that,


when I first made this website, I didn’t know how to optimize it, so I did what I wanted to do. Later by Baidu included, after the flow increased, began to have hundreds of IP every day, really make me happy, but also this time I have the determination to do the site. Learning to do web site on the more hard, and later on the Internet to see that adding more keywords in the title can increase traffic, so I also learn to do, in my hand >

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