Examples of how to find the boutique in the A5 question and answer section


A5 as a popular very popular webmaster sharing platform, its BBS every day gathered millions of users in the above exchanges. For such a mature webmaster communication community, whether we are learning to build knowledge or optimize knowledge, we can find a lot of good resources on it. For friends who are concerned about the website, the question and answer section in the A5 forum is a place where you can’t miss it. But a lot of friends in the group she didn’t know how to quickly find the relevant fine paste, after all some popular post itself answer is irrigation, outside the chain and to reply, this post is not what meaning. Today, I teach you how to find relevant boutique post bar.

first look in the Q & a section in the top recommended paste. In the A5 forum, each recognized by the moderator posts will be at the top of the top recommended or section, and this post itself has certain precision. Of course for some activities such as rules can be ignored, as shown in figure


paste for boutique


recommended theme in the boutique

from the figure we can see the essence of post quiz top painted red circle is posted in the forum. And browse through the top recommended post, the content must be readable, after all, the moderator also need according to the needs of users to recommend to the top, if the user does not love this post, or post the readability, the user value is not high, but also free to recommend the top, that must be reduced in the forum in the eyes of the user level, will put a post recommended top, is a kind of user is irresponsible, I think no moderator will do it. When we understand this principle, natural looking fine paste can be sticky and recommended post start, this post will be fine.

then look at A5 and ask the sub section daily. Daily ask now not only a collection of hot issues every day, and is also the focus of the weekly review, monthly review of the two posts, and can enter the daily quiz asked posts, all have their own good answers. We can understand that, in the daily question, there are corresponding answers to all the questions in the sub section. No matter which one you see, the moderator answers the questions below, as shown in figure


, figure 1,


, figure two,

, just like a casual daily post, we can see that there is a good answer to this question: "it must have a good answer attached to the question."

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