Confidence will not be defeated


got a special folder, to March to learn content put in, SEO, HTML, web design (Dreamweaver) and base noun learning, are from Baidu encyclopedia, as long as I don’t know the words, use Baidu Search, Ok).

plus Xiaoming Adsense online, two people chatted for a long time, he finally promised to give me free hosting for half a year, then let me download Dedecms and FlashFXP, and later because of jet lag, he went to bed, leaving a word, let me fix. "Then put the information in the upload account in FLASHFXP, upload the downloaded program, then use the three level domain name to access, and then the program will prompt you."". I uploaded the program to the wwwroot file, and the rest didn’t work out.

The water in the afternoon

China stationmaster net potential, some articles written well, people overwhelmed with admiration for we must dare to believe in miracles! Dare to believe the miracle will happen to them. Some people would say, "this is one percent, 1/1000, it’s too hard, impossible. Why don’t you think this one percent is you? Why don’t you try to be the 1/1000?


a lot of times, our biggest enemy is no one else, nor is there any objective reason, all of the obstacles of their own thinking. Keep on, keep thinking, you can break through a world!


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