A brief discussion on the developing direction of website navigation station

since hao123’s success, countless webmasters have been involved in the site navigation station, hoping to pull some more gold out of the sand left in the first round. It also has the bright younger generation flow and large, but still sent several orders of magnitude, but for our small and medium-sized webmaster may have been successful.

There are many types of analysis of site navigation station successfully on the

, but those so-called bound, Trojan, RMB to buy flow rate for neither contacts means no money for the small webmaster, it is difficult to achieve so that their navigation station can become others browser home page. Small and medium-sized webmaster day and night in different forums post, free included other people’s Web site, leave a signature and other spiders, soft Wen promotion, even if use all your skill, may not be able to succeed. Small owners in addition to hao123, with 256 major competition, have to take out like bamboo shoots after a spring rain as navigation station competition, especially in many large open source navigation station, navigation station become quite easy, small owners hand navigation station began to flood, and the same interface. Almost. What no update, get the favour of search engine navigation webmaster very confused.

navigation station is different from the other station, estimated that few people put the home page set to the Sohu, after all you have seen the news does not want to open the browser or old faces, but others will want to see the news every day, the navigation station is different, if you do not put your station set to the home page of your site is almost good will have the opportunity to appear, because it’s hard for someone to get your daohangzhan from other places.

so for small owners how to make their own navigation station into others browser home page? In addition to our regular some promotion methods, we can try to consider took the road to the two grade classification navigation station and even more detailed classification, but now there are many long found in this direction. We first make an example, recruitment websites we know only that a few, but for different areas we can also do the recruiting station, such as Beijing, Shanghai recruitment recruitment, we can also according to different groups such as graduate recruitment, social recruitment, we can also do chemical machinery recruitment, recruitment etc.. Then go down, may be Beijing chemical recruitment and other more fine classification. Why do we have to segment? First, because too much we do can be done many times, those who have specific needs of people may prefer two this website I, want to find a job in Beijing, or just in the chemical enterprises in second, you may find; than those big website to get in your area or industry information, because you are more special. As for the navigation station, we do not need to do the navigation station so much, is that you do the interface with 114la are not exactly the same, meaning, or a problem certainly in the promotion, and for the professional class navigation station you can go to the professional direction of promotion, so as not to cast a wide net. Why don’t we change ideas, such as: Beijing navigation station, navigation station, chemical education guide.

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