How do operate a comparable network before the site is included

I ran

B2B website has dozens more, such as money, not fat business network, business, product, sell free net, China standard market network etc. not a example, where these sites go? Of course is to sell, but sell well is only 5, 60 thousand.

as a senior grassroots webmaster, founder of PHPLEFT open source system, engaged in the industry for 10 years, in 06 years time often express their long absence, wise remark of an experienced person, I don’t remember what name, today will give you talk about how I can run over the net that is comparable to the webmaster nets first appearance.

is registered for the November 9th date, after the record time and program development, the official website dated November 20th, we go to check the domain name registration date is very clear, so how I am in just 10 days, much of it to create IP1000.


number 1: the crowd on my face website?

in my business planning than the net, clear mainly for office workers to send information to the main crowd, buyers, so my first year is the main task for the release of information people, so I mainly lies in the subjective aspects of the publicity and release of information navigation and forums, QQ group, Post Bar.

second: how do websites retain users?


site is the key to keep the user, then I is how to retain users? I mainly adopt the integration strategy, allowing users to earn points, integral users to publish information and the opening of shops, of course, later will add more use of integral function, so as to reflect the user why earn points.

uses the current open platform to allow users to authorize direct, automatic forwarding of micro-blog, from Tencent, micro-blog to the current traffic has been more than 100 IP per day.



third: what is the value of the site,


if a site does not reflect the value for the user, then the website will perish, so than the net is mainly SEO, allowing users to make products included Baidu, buyers from Baidu in the late course is to optimize user experience to buyers, buyers to promote.

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