Analysis of grassroots Adsense diversification of ways of making money

National Day eight days long vacation, which also did not go, very difficult to have the time, certainly must well analyze how to use the website to make money. Personal webmaster busy every day, for what? There are actually a lot of friends also understand this truth, that is what I want to say today is the fundamental theme — only to make money, some friends will say, play website can rely on what flow, Bo! In fact not exactly, after my analysis lists the following points, no hope earn money to all the webmaster help.

one, use traffic to make money

this point not in detail, we all understand that the site has the flow, whether on the alliance advertising or monthly advertising will earn a lot of money, of course, the greater the flow to earn more money, is the so-called flow into money, so how to get traffic flow problems? Said the first point with the topic of little relationship after I, in the webmaster website and browse the forum found that now the individual stationmaster is nothing more than the following:

1. introduction can even be said to still do not understand what is HTML, are learning stage, these people also thought of making money, but they are still very confused, some want to in-depth study of web technology, some want to do website famous station… Different personalities, the ideal is not the same, not to say, for example. And they are still "Kindergarten", "distance to work to make money and there is a long time distance, but does not rule out the" Kindergarten "kids in the street picked up the money" phenomenon.

2. primary station in this population have a certain foundation, can through the CMS station system or the Internet to download the source code to build their own website, the daily collection, copy and paste, occasionally write a little something inside, some of these people unremittingly, some walk stop stop, the construction site wrong, they it is very easy to think the station, since you have this idea, then give up more easily, such Google Adsense, most of the webmaster Baidu alliance to earn some money (the so-called sweat sweat money, money is earned and expenses flat, and even make ends meet). There is a little forgot to say, this is the use of two links to sell, sell some servers, the boss is nothing more than the gaming class they can earn some extra money.

3. intermediate station intermediate webmaster can’t comment, the owners have earned the most money, even more than the sweat how many times the money, and do not recognize the technical level, they can always put your site in 1.2, with an air of importance to the webmaster full of sound and colour, looked very envious, in fact they are continues to grow, such as the station, a fire station in the network is intermediate.

4. famous senior webmaster grassroots webmaster, is still in the stage of personal struggle, not the establishment of the company, but also a variety of techniques to make money, I will not be on the level is not enough, dare not speculate.

5. super webmaster from personal Adsense development to the company operation, these don’t have to say, >

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