Discussion on Optimization and promotion of second hand materials recycling website and operation pr

with the development of the Internet industry, various sectors of the site further differentiation. Second-hand recycling sites like bamboo shoots after a spring rain as spring up, throughout these second-hand recycling sites most is the enterprise stand form, this website really beginning to pay attention from the site optimization is few, generally second-hand recycling companies find the network company website, the author starts from the local second-hand materials recycling network 189zw station to operation talk about profit.

, first of all, to investigate the market demand and competition status before the website is on the line. From the local DM daily newspaper and evening news can see a lot of second-hand recycling companies in the newspaper classified advertising information area, this proves that they need to promote, and the advertising investment funds, only to see what kind of investment channels is more effective. To Baidu, Google, Sogou, search and search engine search keywords directly related, you can see the degree of competition, and then analyze and determine the keyword of the website, the website launched after the best not to change the website keywords.

second, it is best to find the local local site or the province of IDC, because of their relatively faster and faster, we must avoid the server Netcom Telecom server space in southern city, north of the city. In addition, the overall framework and program planning is the site of choice. Although the size of the local secondary recycling website is small, it should have an article publishing system, and it can generate pseudo static work or generate HTML programs. In order to update the content of the website, cooperate with the website SEO promotion. The program then ASP and PHP are included in the dream, or easy prices are good, slightly some changes, the basic function can be achieved.

After third

, the site to enrich the content of the website, at least to ensure that each column filled with 5 content, the original or false original do not copy directly from the outside in, it can speed up the Baidu included time on the site, and then submit to the web search engine. The website with emphasis on the construction of website, the website included more than second-hand channel outside the chain of 2 pages above can go to 58 city, go to the market, people network, list, local forum website, one can increase the site outside the chain, two can increase traffic and visibility in the promotion of the website of these places.

fourth, this time the site every day will be the sale of second-hand goods received some telephone consultation, with the flow and how to achieve profitability is the kingly way, I come back to find the local newspaper, DM advertising advertisers and second-hand recycling second-hand market boss. This may involve two modes of operation, one is the monthly advertising website to second-hand recycling companies, so as long as the maintenance of the site ranking, fixed monthly collection of certain fees. The other is to provide the seller phone recycling companies, the intention of customers to recycling companies, according to consulting fees, according to the customer’s intention to telephone analysis, selling furniture put the phone to second-hand furniture recycling, selling cars to the second-hand car owner, so down every call to achieve maximum value of. More profit mode also ask stationmaster people to discover together!


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