Hadron how to improve the quality and pass rate

July 16, 2009 3 p.m. -4, through the Q group and the hadron Adsense exchange discussion "webmaster nets" (admin5.com) approach some editorial review of this article, I hope everyone can contribute more standardized, to be published by

one, contribution included standard:

1 article content belongs to 100% original;

2 article has a certain depth and readability;

3 is closely related to webmaster;

two, contributions notice:

manuscripts should have a distinctive theme, novel content, concise language and clear logic;

pay attention to punctuation specification, please use punctuation Chinese, pay attention to the distinction between full width and half width;

In the

article, a ad address can appear;

at the end of the submission, it is best to bring contact information, such as contact QQ, telephone, etc.;

hyperlinks are generally not retained;

pictures smaller than 200K, using the JPG file format. With brief text description;

reserves the right to revoke and delete the published articles at any time without prior notice to the author

space is not in size, preferably better than 200 words (this one is answered by xrnic.cn webmaster, hadron reply)

three, best time for submission:

at 9-12 in the morning, 14-17 in the evening, at 20:00-23 in the evening, and in general, this web will be reviewed according to the standard of the submissions.

four, manuscript handling (4 results):

directly audits and displays the home page;

direct review by not displaying home page;

directly reproduced to the forum plate and marked

direct deletion;

five, A5 edit specification

(a) Title

1 title, short, eye-catching, novel and attractive, stop the title party.

2 title can not be less than 8 Chinese characters, no more than 24 Chinese characters.

3 title must clear expression for the content, not to give people the feeling or ready to accept either course title and the content is not consistent with the title, no typos.

4 the title of an article heading begins with an initial letter.

5 title first character is not in space, with full width symbols quotes.

(two) regular content

1 each article adds at least one tag tag "


2 information for reprint, best >

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