Also on how to realize quick profit for local gateway website

2008 we do what station? Or garbage station, found that many people have to do from normal station, and the local portal is a good choice, people always think the Internet truly combined entity, combined with the actual situation, it becomes.

as for the local gateway how to achieve rapid profits, personally think that the following points can be worth reference to

1, create a business environment that love Internet users are not only concerned about the Internet, forget this business after god.

2, to meet the needs of Internet users, with the services of businesses to meet, and we take the Commission

traditional websites (including portal networks) rely solely on advertising for profit and advertising, that is, to meet the needs of Internet users, and to satisfy the needs of the services of the merchants. What we’re going to do right now is to play the role of advertisers directly on traditional websites.

3, don’t stand in the form of channels. Let’s each channel be like a professional website.

professional website: not just advertising profits, of course, advertising is only a small part of it. Mainly to play a consumer, producers communicate between the platform, intermediary. Because the human time cost a large channel, some do not have the strength to complete channel through third parties, sleight of hand, the channel cooperation model of the site also many (home appliance channel (increase) increase the entertainment channel and delicacy)

4 does not exclude the traditional form of advertising, but should be more innovative on top of it. (such as price ranking, the effect of advertising to do a data statistics, etc.)

5, network value-added service,

5, 1, SP business

can cooperate with mobile, Unicom and SP providers, and obtain royalty through SMS, MMS, CRBT and other wireless forms. Of course, this form must not be limited to advertising. For example, the popular original articles on our website can encourage netizens to make good comments and draw out some lucky friends from them. For example, users can through our website platform to their loved ones in song. The form is varied, depending on the circumstances.

5, 2 to enterprises to display their own platform, from which to collect a certain membership fee

want to take other people’s money, of course, can bring more benefits to others than their input, so that our business will have a future. So how do you get the business willing to pay for it? My idea is:

each joining our paying member enterprise can enjoy:

1, give them a convenient online display page or small website. This allows the potential customers of the business to easily find them on the search engine, and also bring them a stream from our portal

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