Do not abandon do not give up Thinking about the operation of local portal website

" do not abandon, do not give up — is " " soldiers raided " many classic words XuSanDuo said in a word, I do not have to parse all know what it means, schurrle is the investment of the achievements of his own. In fact we do local portal is the lack of XuSanDuo folly. Some people are too smart, everything is very thoughtful, but hindered the development of his.

Heyuan hotline ( business for about four months, is not as good as we imagine, we did not imagine so bad, we know that to create a well-known landlord portal website is not a short duration of time things, it may be two years, three years, perhaps longer, which we have expected to do. But not after two years, three years or more, it must be? The answer is negative, a tree if you do not fertilize, do not water, it can grow well, maybe it can still grow, but definitely not a healthy tree. So we determine the direction is right, but also the continuous efforts, the water constantly, let it grow into healthy healthy trees.

At present, Heyuan

network development lags behind the situation, I think the market is still very large, the market demand is increasingly expanding, when one day of an outbreak, we ask ourselves, are we ready? Some recent days I contact customer, I have for the market analysis, there is a market demand Guan Jian, they know that we don’t have this thing. So the first step: we should go out. The market is to develop their own, it will not come to us. So the next step I set my goal is to see at least one customers every day, talking about a business is not important, important is he know what we do know, Heyuan has a Heyuan hotline (, so we aim to reach.

also focuses on the development of the leading enterprises in Heyuan, the larger companies, advertising on the network demand such as real estate, mobile, Pepsi, telecommunications, automotive and other industries, each industry has at least one to become our customers, to break one by one. I believe that as long as these industries have become our customers a the survival of our problems, is solved, will play a decisive role in.

for future development

work hard, I believe that sunshine always comes after the storm. The Heyuan hotline will have a bright tomorrow!


does not abandon, do not give up

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