Late night discussion how to avoid the media premature death and live for a long time

face behind the media hot, is more of a calm thinking, the situation is open, everyone can do from the media, it is like to vent the pressure of the nozzle is not well controlled, there will be accidents, in order to avoid blindly marketing existence, also need to fully understand the market. At the same time as the new opportunities come, many media are faced with unprecedented development confusion, prevent from going astray. In this, we still need to stick to the foothold, not blindly from the wind. Although it is said that since the growth of the media has entered a stable period, the future of the media is not smooth sailing, but also everywhere full of thorns, the bottleneck is also accompanied by development. Well, in the future, since the media want to be based on long-term, what must follow the main points, or

?The choice of

from the media platform should be two pronged rather than hanging on a tree. We all know that the most fiery media platform than micro-blog and WeChat, because a good platform has a huge user groups, with unlimited marketing activity, were welcomed, it can reduce the investment of resources. Therefore, the same content can have different effects on different platforms, perhaps in micro-blog’s development environment is not suitable for the thinking of the play, but WeChat is a factor that is from the media people should consider the problem, don’t hang on a tree. No matter where we go back, there is more than one way to develop. From the media, we should have a macro overall thinking, not a road to the end. Once this road is blocked, there is no way to do it. Now a self media hot, does not mean forever hot, once the problem appears, still have to prepare early, to prevent it in the bud.

from the media, people have to have a certain professional foundation and writing ability, but also need to have a keen news angle. Many business people from the media is always complaining about the market has changed, more and more difficult to do, but reflect on the reason, the biggest problem is that the information is not updated in a timely manner, the expression level is more general, even for business writers and so on. If a person from the media to focus on marketing, rather than content, is the sword easy road, playing in the market, sooner or later there will be a day off. There are many traditional media people from the media and sea operations, the effect is very good, it is not difficult to find the reason here, these media people already have certain professional basis and writing ability, it is more important to have a keen perspective of the news, but also has a certain market foundation, know the market only to seize the users of consumer demand, so also worry about no fans.

How does

subtly avoid the collision between user needs and the survival of the media?. A fan from the media, it is again good, then its interests lie? Since the media wants long-term development must have a loyal group of fans, these fans only recognized, before the development of the foundation. Fan group is a large group of activities, come and go, seemingly no law, a self media, if you can not guarantee the stability of fans groups, will encounter the bottleneck of development, fans flow

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