Keywords optimization focuses on data analysis and execution

data analysis will have to perform a down-to-earth, in order to achieve the final victory, such as the optimization of the page chain must be 1000, this tea set keywords do 100 anchor text, gift tea to do the 150 anchor text can go beyond the competitors, we score the steps this time, such as a do the chain blog 15, soft Wen 5, the other chain 60, and the station content update, there should be a plan to carry on, must complete a plan to make every day.

execution Keywords

first in Shanghai love tea set tea gift and query these two words, analysis of the top three websites, personal opinion is mainly analysis some website domain name, for some high weight website pages are not worth what analysis, such as dangdang贵族宝贝 is ranked first, is the second largest Amazon these sites, even if it is a content page is not very easy to catch up with; and the top-level domain name can be a good analysis, including whether the website name time, website title contains keywords, the chain quantity and quality, as well as the keywords of the anchor text number, and record. read more

New sites keywords ranking how to go beyond the love of Haizi products

1. H1 tag, keyword density

image design of the word, keyword ranking can go beyond love Shanghai sub products, a big reason in my opinion is that a reason. If you want to rank well, not only is the pseudo original, the most important thing is what you wrote is user oriented, search engines have become more and more intelligent, once all garbage station can row in front, but the observation of many industries now? You will find that the row in front of the site must be fine unique, rich in content and illustrations. Your website user experience is good, love Shanghai 100% will give you a reasonable ranking, because the search demand principle of love Shanghai is to solve the user, the more your site related articles, the original higher authority is also higher, the natural ranking will be in front. And I find out the website average access time rate, views and website, has certain promotion effect on ranking. read more

The search engine algorithm updates to brake

1. search engine updates, we are faced with what

updated every time the search engine algorithm is a kind of progress, this progress will inevitably lead to the loss of part of the webmaster, you better ask yourself, with the search engine and common progress, to call each other friends, create a better environment of the internet. Whether it is from the recent green, outside the chain of judgment, or pomegranate, the spark program, for the love of Shanghai, there are a little wrong, it should not bear the webmaster manmasheng, I think, if the search engine as the enemy, face it constantly moves, we have only to brake read more

Wangzhuan is not the most important executionWhat is the entrepreneur’s secret

, more than half of the cases of entrepreneurship are ultimately ended in failure. Many entrepreneurs will have the experience: the most difficult period before entrepreneurship is the stage of preparation for entrepreneurship, and the company can relax after the official operation. But after the start-up, but found that after the operation of the company, a variety of problems followed, often confused them, with the previous difference is quite great. In fact, the growth of enterprises in the process, often there will be a variety of Difficult miscellaneous diseases if not correct, "treatment", may be "DOA" – 1, with a good dinner acquaintance of many entrepreneurs in the choice of "partners", total love in a familiar look in the "circle". Due to become familiar with each other, so in the early days often with the feelings of things, for business direction, in the use of people, financial problems are also mostly in the way of reconciliation, tolerance, and ignore the necessary contracts signed and strict restraint system. Thus, with the growth of enterprises, the contradictions and problems caused by this work will gradually show, not only is not conducive to the rapid development of enterprises, and sometimes even lead to bankruptcy.

The rich very powerful read more

Love Shanghai fire station in Shanghai Er original green dragon seven strokes to deal with

Webmaster Tools

site within the chain has been considered by many Shanghai dragon Er optimization methods, compare insurance however, in fact, Baidu of chain recognition is far we think. Within the chain to optimize the useful websites, but within the chain more, also be a problem, which is mainly reflected in the chain, the proportion and content of the article is the chain in proportion, the proportion of inside and outside the chain chain.


algorithm aimed at combating Scindapsus aureus link, from the current point of view, is not only the link will be hit, the normal site may also be injured. This shows that the love of Shanghai is from the link to start, so java training guide "Crux" is definitely out in the link. I pass the analysis of this station, found the following phenomena may be the reason to love Shanghai: read more

Love hate Shanghai Shanghai sea dragon dragon Er attention

if this friend is really in the dialogue and the official people love Shanghai, I think this is terrible, you Shanghai dragon er you feel here? Is 2012, but also to Chinese love Shanghai Shanghai Longfeng Er manufacturing a 2012 Shanghai dragon end of

today, February 15, 2012, Zhengzhou did not calm, feeling like the weather, for a keyword ranking, a headache, have been thinking about problems encountered, then a brother sent a message: go in search of Shanghai Shanghai dragon love, I will try to love the Shanghai search under the Shanghai dragon, such as the figure: read more

Use a content delivery network CDN will affect the Shanghai Dragon

response, Google will not use for content distribution network sites have different treatment, the use of content distribution network site will be Google right grab and index. If the site by CDN technique in different host server, it may be a problem, that is the emergence of a large number of duplicate content, so Google recommended that the use of CDN should be standard way of using the rel=canonical attribute, to avoid duplication of content. As shown below.

According to the Google Engineer Development of read more

Three important core site development quality value and Shanghai Dragon


mentioned above the free is king, then pay a mode of operation is also normal. After all, some are doing product or the value of the information consulting, website localization in online sales, so this time is not the core of our low price, or low price is just one of the competitive advantage, this time is our core value, create value for customers, if our products can produce value for the customer, the customer will not hesitate to choose us, of course, not all products can be used two words to describe, but the overall meaning here is useful to customers. For example, 188 travel program, this can create a certain value for customers, by customers, although this is a virtual product, but the customer is still very love. So, as a pay site, the only important core is to create value for customers, so that customers feel very practical. read more

Make full use of the web page structure for your keywords ranking do not fall behind


directory page layout structureThe

home pageThe weight of bread crumbs navigation Use bread crumbs navigation


directory page is out of the highest weight home page. The portal site we still take a fancy text about the directory page, as shown below:

home is the best, if we can build a good home structure will be on our site included and rankings have a significant role in promoting. First we look at a site of the home page layout structure, as shown in figure

: a reasonable structure of read more

How to do the chain forum replies do not be deleted

1. content don’t write too much, if too much, you might as well go to the post, there is a few words.

a few days ago to write an article about the chain of the article in the forum, the contents of the article are down I accumulated in the work, the experience may be for some people just floating clouds, you may not help, but as a Shanghai dragon worker, really take a look, if you’re my interest in writing before the article you can see the articles I wrote before the Forum: "how to do the chain will not be deleted", this article may not be very deep, but in the work will certainly be used on. read more

Some little experience on how to improve the weights of the railway station

) webmaster to ensure the web site of the "stable", try not to let the website what


) the appropriate exchange chain and other sites, or released some high quality the chain is

I believe most Adsense all know, the general line of the railway station just basically not what weight, and not a what the weights of the website can not be what good rankings with traffic, so the site to get traffic from Shanghai station love there, the first thing to do is to increase the weight of the site, so webmaster how to do to improve the weight of new read more

90 starting from the lower body begant’s really hard to make money online

, a former Shanxi youth basketball team, 1 meters tall, Liu Kenan, graduated 93 years ago and co founded an elephant brand condom with his classmates.

this article is to say that the website makes money, I have heard some stationmaster say: "do station, why? Every day hard result.". Are worried about the right to be reduced by sh419. What will you be afraid of for a while?. Actually, I think it’s a station. Can be said to be interested, but can also be used when the industry to do. What you pay for is sure to pay off. sh419 included, of course, is important, but there is no need to think about every day sh419 included. I remember when I was doing the station, every time I do it, I shut one. sh419 included is normal, but I never care about sh419 included. As long as a station, we must find ways to make this station to make money, not trying to make this station included. sh419’s collection is positive, care about the time. Of course, SEO is not less. But in all this time, why not try to make money for your own station?. Cheating in advertising is common. 80% of the webmaster have cheated, but also believe that cheating is a good place to make money, although not long, but you do not have the money to develop your station, I am sure you are not long. Here I teach you some websites to make money, although it is ancient, but practical. Not good, hope to point out. read more

App Store China algorithm Part of the application by name search failure

/ IT where the peak of

Sohu IT also search a number of different categories in English applications on mobile terminal App Store, found some really strange search results:

1, World War II: according to the full search, this popular Mobile Games only ranked sixth home page, the top five is not included "World War II" four words. Before World War II, search, are in the first row.

Instagram: 5, according to the search, no accident, is still in the first place.

: 2, according to the "meal for dinner takeout, see the menu" search, the past are accurate matching in the first place, the first page of the search results in the top 25, but did not see this application. read more

The construction of the chain chain construction to shoot two hawks with one arrow building material

construction site itself belongs to the real estate industry surrounding industries, including building materials, building decoration and sale etc., so building websites related website types are relatively abundant, it gives the construction of the chain building site provides a wealth of channels, according to the requirements of the principle of relativity, the chain construction for building materials such sites can be from the following aspects to improve.


the correct approach can establish their own websites in the B2B website, the website is actually some basic page, and there are a lot of functions, is just a show, in some B2> read more

Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon rookie on the road to success

finally, I think the Shanghai Longfeng workers, the ability to have the overall situation, why.

second, I think, in this work the Shanghai dragon, requires great patience, perseverance and strong enough, this is I these days to get the maximum benefits, because, for the Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon optimization site, sometimes take a long time to see results, it will need to Shanghai Longfeng workers unremittingly persist, not because of short-term can not see the results, decisively abandoned. This is a huge problem of Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon is free, this is good for everyone, is bad, because we are free, to get a competitive is very large, so that the short term to see the very obvious effect, is very difficult. So, Shanghai Longfeng work, must insist, insist, insist on not wasted. read more

Shanghai Shanghai dragon science and love encyclopedia 24 skills you need to know

There are a lot of

note: the English anchor point is anchor, understand the simple internal links you anchor the whole article, as the anchor text is the entire site, it is corresponding to an article you alone. This article is your internal hyperlinks.

7, the search box of love Shanghai is bold, bold keywords.

directory using the anchor link, then one might ask, what is the anchor of

Note: what is Note:

, 4 entries for H1 tags are H2 tags, headings, caption is H3, and the repeated entry, basic: title, a small amount of alt. read more

Shanghai dragon industry experience with stones always fall away

good never too long, if you feel comfortable coming close to the less dangerous. The supplier made a single goods price adjustment has been increased by 10%, which is third times the price adjustment, the way I understand, the supplier at the website of good sales price then in order that he could increase the interest, while increasing the pressure of the seller I, my profits have not changed, but the cost is increased. But now the product model at a loss what to do, the supplier delivery had no connection. No way to dry. Then the decline in sales, product marketable, lose price competitiveness, online selling specialty is not only my family, a natural contrast me not to buy it. read more

The construction of the chain platform common to do what

Shanghai dragon, "content is king, the chain for emperor", so the chain is very important to improve the ranking of a website, so what are the platform for the chain, how do these chain platform effect, here we introduce.

2, Q & a platform: love Shanghai knows the question and answer, Search ask, ask the Qihoo, Iask, YAHOO knowledge hall inquiry platform. Difficulty: high effect: good.

5, SNS platform in the happy net, renren贵族宝贝, watercress and other SNS platform to publish articles, share a very high weight. For example: happy net Reprint: "energy-saving" station everyone and everyone share: "dog breeds and pictures, watercress:" the meaning of life". Difficulty: in effect: read more

Six skills high weight website submission

The structure of 2, a reasonable and clear Why

at the end of the beautiful

"it is not, and did not pass, not for waste of time", in some place before a computer, a colleague turned "complained. Remember N months ago, I also agree with his views, but now I am relieved. Do not contribute as the same, you think it is good, others also follow to agree, you will reach the approval of the editor, will not resonate through the published effect is only increase the burden on the server, there will be no other effect. read more

Start from the five aspects for the search engine spiders love on your site

search engines crawl principle is using virtual tools to justify the "spider" in text, script based page content, but in the current search engine technology, and to the flash, the picture content search engine is still unable to achieve recognition, so it is also the site of UI designers a big troubles.

believes that many webmaster in building site and the like in the navigation design of this particular piece of tangled, because the navigation settings for the friendly experience of the whole site and transfer the weight of the site users is extremely important, and if our navigation settings are responsible, the code will inevitably become more responsible. The search engines crawl is usually difficult or not easy to grasp for the more complex code, and complex navigation to allow users to quickly find what you want, is undoubtedly of user friendly experience a big hit, therefore, if you want to make the first step search engine spiders love on your site, first of all to simplify your navigation bar. read more