Website operation experience Optimization in one year and three months

since last year’s training, the working hours have been added up to one year and three months. Network operations (Network Marketing), search engine optimization, new media bidding, dedecms station, Taobao shop, simple decoration, optimization and promotion.

remember when there were two days’ lessons each week, and every half day, all the students who had just graduated were very kind. There’s so much to learn.

every day at seven a.m. in the morning wash, clean up after the back of my big computer (class necessary) fifteen minutes, talk about what is necessary, hardware: computer, U disk (at least one cloud, unreliable, no network is virtual, anxious). Book and pen. Software: you are ready to do the study, in the operation of the site on the road to do a good job. read more

Site to persevere not to three days fishing two days drying nets

Hello, nice to meet in stationmaster net year, second times published an article about my heart! I declare: This article represents only my personal opinions and suggestions, is complaining, science and technology is not necessary to look down, ha ha. Write well, welcome Paizhuan! Show

, thank you!

has really come on the road station a year now, remember the real love of the site is about 07 years, inadvertently found the code of this thing, then you don’t know how on the Internet to see "network space", have some fun code, learn their play, really love it! You don’t have a computer because every day before, global Internet cafe lane, do not know how much time I can use some form! Set between ", has been the use of free space to play, chat read more

Stationmaster only has dedicated ability breaks through the strange circle that the website does no

Hello everyone, I am handsome with the wind, this is my website, welcome friends everywhere to go to the nuggets.

many novice webmaster are asking why my website does not make money? I completely in accordance with other people’s video method to do, build website, put advertising code, promotion, seems to have no reason to earn money. Flow, it is indeed a key with the flow, do not make money are not good, you say you IP3000 on the website, put some pop code can also earn some money, but your site to ensure that one day 3000IP? 1000Ip you have protection on oK. Are novice webmaster, the site traffic can not exceed 1000 in a short time. So, for us, choose a road that belongs to you, that’s the top priority. read more

Since the media WeChat public number how to do 1 thousand people’s attention 8 thousand forwarding

this is today’s data report yesterday, double 11 topics, the content is not what, dropped badly,

, this is the data as of November, the data that has been wandering around this area can not break through, depressed say

this is concerned about the proportion of users, 7.62% is part of WeChat users did not set their gender

older, more young cynic readers love comparison, these two contents had a good response to

this is my collection from my friend’s circle, and my friend’s permission has made a good response. read more

Sweat and brain for web site not included income four digits

didn’t come to A5 for a long time. Many webmaster friends asked me what I was busy with on QQ. In fact, I also want to come ah, A5 is a good place to learn, has always insisted on frequent, recently really busy, and for a long time did not report. In order to apologize, I will report my work for this period of time and share the experience.

in fact, this time in doing a new station, a writing paper site, this line of competition is very fierce, and already is the price of cabbage, and not what people can do. But I and my good partner "fish out of water", literally in this bridge blaze a trail. The two of us on the site has not been Baidu, Google search engine included in any case, make a pot of gold, the site is small, only 1800 dollars, but compared to those sites rich in content, high PR webmaster, we beat the. read more

The webmaster should understand the knowledge of server security Fanghei

in the network server, usually have a lot of do not disclose or provide the file or program download, most of these data is a company or confidential government organs, may also be a programmer’s source code. As you can see, the security of a server is very important.

many Internet users may not understand the specific use of the web server, but users browse the site, email, playing online games in the network, are provided by the network server service. When a user browsing a web site, will first enter a URL in the address bar (such as, then the browser will send a request to a domain name server, and the server will find the domain name in the database corresponding to the domain name IP address, then to the corresponding IP the server transfer request, and the location to the web server. When the web server receives the information, it will return the information the user needs to the user’s browser so that the user can browse the content that has been returned. If the network domain name server was not found in the database corresponding to the IP or can not find the feedback data, then the network server will send an instruction sent by the browser, then the user’s browser will find the corresponding error in the local display page (such as: the page can not be displayed). This is the most common role of web servers. read more

s traffic really important to a website

?? some time ago, a friend bought what keywords do several specialized search engines make pure keyword station for two weeks ALEXA rankings to 5000, all rely on search engines, he is very happy, tell me now 1000IP 4 yuan, has been able to earn several hundred dollars a day to ensure. Friends seem to have caught their own straws.. Friends say that as long as there is traffic, you can earn money, depending on how you earn.

I also do stand, but also concerned about traffic, but also concerned about the ALEXA, but also concerned about PR… read more

How does the download type site work

we take stationmaster download network as an example, say how to download type website, how to operate in the end, in order to play the best effect.

1. Update


if you visit webmaster download frequently, you can find it updated every day, and the quality is all right. No matter what the time, it’s really difficult to do that. You can even say that in the domestic category of download sites, it is ranked first, and many web content is collected from the webmaster download network, this search you can find. read more

From four specific analysis WeChat store can not counter attack Taobao’s real reason

for most people, WeChat has penetrated into everyday life, and this excellent social software is popular with the public, especially young people, because of its powerful functions. With the improvement and expansion of the function, WeChat timely launched the "WeChat store", the marketing model and concept into the WeChat, which is WeChat in the field of e-commerce in a new exploration. And this exploration has obviously been praised by many people in the industry. Some even say that WeChat will be the next Taobao. In fact, compared with Taobao, WeChat store, whether it is user experience, application procedures, or marketing interface, there are some defects in the level of service, restricting their own development. Although WeChat shop this traffic bonus as a guarantee, but in the end, WeChat store all aspects of hardware is not very mature, the fiery was part of speculation out, so in my opinion, WeChat shop to shop what are the lack of electric fans where read more

Beijing do need their loyal users forum

In the last

A5 wrote a story about an article I Beijing forum how to do, a lot of friends and my QQ friends ask me, honestly, you don’t ask, we communicate with each other, learn from each other, in fact, everyone said that the Forum on how to do will be promising. Here, let me tell you something about my experience,

In fact,

forum and other sites are not the same, the most important forum is a registered member, here comes to the user, it is in the base of Internet traffic to decide who is the boss of the times, I personally think that the user is the survival of the forum, the forum to do so in a direction you want, let your users think you can stay in the forum to get what he wanted, and that this forum is their one is consistent. As everyone knows, segments of the Internet is inevitable, a branch of the Internet, the details of it will have the light of day, which is why many webmaster do in place of the forum, and I want to do is Beijing forum, Beijing group is too large, but Beijing community is blank, perhaps you will said, Beijing local forum is not a few famous, but I want to say is that most people are not easy to drift, drift, I want to do is to provide a platform for the Internet for them, perhaps through the platform to find the Internet information they want. read more

Essentials of establishing network access channels

I would like to share some Internet knowledge with you. If you read the letter and feel that you can learn a little knowledge and your department needs this knowledge, please copy it and make it successful.

1, the way to understand interpersonal communication on the Internet

Internet like ground society, only communication carriers are not the same, not the same tool! Internet tools used by the basic QQ, MSN, SKYPE and other chat tools, we use UC and QQ group, met with a video camera, sitting at home, to achieve a cut through the computer, so we can have at home the opportunity to work. read more

Bad Baidu three months included the tragic history of

topic is QQ group (14064739) of a group of friends casually said, I directly used "bring doctrine"".

I’m a layman. I don’t know anything about station building. Everything about it is that it doesn’t know me. I don’t know it, but since I choose to do it, I have to insist on it. I spent a morning time to update the contents of the afternoon looking for friends of the chain, to change people’s soft to your own blog or even go to the forum, nine wins the female master rating. Half a month later, GG included a lot, Baidu did not have a little news. read more

Another important factor in the rapid promotion of website rankings

I made another important factor so long standing experience to improve the ranking: that is the exchange of high quality similar station, talk about my experience: the beginning of the show not high quality links, is to find a collection of normal and normal snapshot can be (not taking into account the other side of the station’s personal quality, think about health in high quality Baidu pages, because these quality is not high, it is impossible to row so good rankings) again to communicate with friends after his son, ranking included snapshot PR are very good, so it must be of high quality, to find two good standing do links, so my QQ ranking row up soon.. We find some high quality website ranking, a good ranking. Also, I often added backlinks at that time, so it’s also a factor to improve the rankings quickly. Do so long QQ station, feel and low quality QQ station do link really useless, only and ranking good link use is very big, feel 10 low quality is not better than 1 high quality. read more

Baidu promotion drop down word

look at the time in the webmaster online today, found a word: "the word down", for every day in the use of Baidu search data of the kids, you know when you search a word when the drop-down word is? For example, when you enter the "job" in the search in the bar, there will be a lot of Baidu word down, such as "looking for work on the future" and "job site" and "job forum" and the like, you know it is hidden inside a Baidu promotion — down the word read more

Brief discussion on the development of Ji’an site navigation network

now do site navigation station already did not have what advantage, unless you have a lot of money like 265 propaganda; or like the 114la and operating system bundled together. Earlier in the day with friends to chat on the Internet of things in QQ, I feel very happy, very excited.

The ultimate goal of

‘s website is to make money, but it doesn’t rule out some fans and non profitable people. Navigation is the only way for grass roots to do local or professional navigation. Well, 123 is just a legend, the reality is not the emergence of such a network of miracles. read more

Find a new adult website

now adult shopping mall, the network is full, everyone is scrambling to enter this profiteering industry, hoping to catch the last bus.

this industry, I have studied, really like everyone said, X very profiteering. However, the current situation is too serious homogenization, is to buy a mall source, change a template on the line, but also heard that some people imitate colorful Valley do mall, and then SEO, 2W can also do more every month.

found a website that didn’t go according to the routine today, so there was this article. The address is (to help him do a AD) but not how to the domain name industry is reliable, according to my understanding of this station is currently the main provider of service aggregation search Adult supplies of goods, the search results cover a wide range of businesses, according to the popular saying now should be more than shopping. A focus on the comparison shopping Adult supplies industry, that I still think this is very admirable, c-ren webmaster does the election of the industry, the industry itself is violent Adult supplies industry, product prices opaque, it is suitable for this service. read more

Hospital website operations four details need special attention

I had been engaged in SEO optimization and promotion work for two years, made the optimization and promotion of the industry site, including chemical industry, life service, wedding industry, medical websites and other industries, and gained some new optimization plan and promotion plan! The passage of time, he moved to Yinchuan, experienced a a memorable job process, in this process, small hospital received a lot of calls, are the need for web site optimization and promotion of the interview, several small, have this feeling: 1, many are doing Baidu bid or 58 city, Ganji, people network information classification of bidding. Make your web site more exposed in front of the public. 2, the web page layout from the angle of optimization, from a certain irrationality, that is to say, to optimize. 3, website administrator to the website optimization attention not enough, inclined to promote hospital medical topics:. read more

Experience of new operators operating food web

Changshu gourmet network is an open interactive platform featuring third party reviews. It is a professional portal dedicated to local food, food and entertainment. Changshu food network as of February 2009, has more than 12000 members, has added shops to nearly 900, members of the review number has reached more than 3000.

for a new website, the most worried about the problem is that Baidu search is not included, PR no, there is no good site to do with you connection, the so-called "the beginning of difficult."". read more

Comparison of control panel of 10 virtual hosting service providers in China

for the virtual host, I believe we all know, some individuals who intend to set up a friend or entrepreneurial small company may be due to limited budget reasons, will also consider the choice of using a virtual host. Indeed, the virtual host is still the most economical solution to the WEB server, and additional functions of the virtual host and additional services are also increasing, making the business still maintain a certain competitiveness in the server hosting and rental prices continued to decrease under the pressure. read more

Men socks founder Chen Bole exclusive decryption men socks independent stand profitable way

the teacher said, very lucky to get the man founder Chen Bole socks, already has a lot of media reports of the sports business "big boy", in the teacher said in the column, the bottom line without harassment Bole brother unbearable host XXXX without integrity, can reveal some of the usual resolutely about the dry cargo, I hope everyone can give in marketing, market and so on in the choice of more or less to bring some inspiration, hope Bole man stockings can do better


– the essence of interactive ————- read more