Top 3 reasons people were ticketed in Halton during safety initiative

Halton police have released the top three reasons people received tickets during the 2018 Project Safe Start.The road safety initiative has been running for more than ten years and targets drivers in and around school zones as children return to class in September.The project stresses the need to slow down, remain alert for pedestrians and cyclists, and pay attention to school crossing guards escorting children across busy intersections.Police issued a total of 3,592 provincial offence notices and 566 warnings during this year’s campaign. That’s 1,110 more tickets this year compared to last year’s total of 2,482.The top three offences were:Speeding (62 per cent of total tickets issued)Sign infractions (17 per cent of total tickets issued)Hand-held device offences (5 per cent of total tickets issued)“Traffic safety begins with the individual choices each driver makes.” said Sergeant Ryan Snow, Traffic Services Unit in a news release. “When drivers comply with the rules of the road, everyone wins and gets to go home safely. With more than 100,000 children returning to school in Halton at the beginning of September, Project Safe Start serves as a timely opportunity for ‘recalibration’ of driver behavior to address any poor driving habits developed over the summer months.”

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