Love Shanghai fire station in Shanghai Er original green dragon seven strokes to deal with

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site within the chain has been considered by many Shanghai dragon Er optimization methods, compare insurance however, in fact, Baidu of chain recognition is far we think. Within the chain to optimize the useful websites, but within the chain more, also be a problem, which is mainly reflected in the chain, the proportion and content of the article is the chain in proportion, the proportion of inside and outside the chain chain.


algorithm aimed at combating Scindapsus aureus link, from the current point of view, is not only the link will be hit, the normal site may also be injured. This shows that the love of Shanghai is from the link to start, so java training guide "Crux" is definitely out in the link. I pass the analysis of this station, found the following phenomena may be the reason to love Shanghai:

curve really makes people with deep hatred and resentment. 1 years ago, this site is very stable, also did not buy the chain, not even done promotion, only high quality original content, has obtained the quite good effect in Shanghai dragon. In 2012, the station main keywords in the java training industry in Shanghai before the 3 basic love search. Everyone from the last few days can also see keywords ranking history statistics, before February 20th, the website is the basic target keywords love first in Shanghai in February 21st, a sudden decline, waterfalls three thousand feet, is the love of Shanghai into the abyss.

in the chainThe The

1, a larger proportion of

3 days ago, Shanghai love Scindapsus algorithm extravaganza, vowed to link the trading behavior hate killer. At this point, but a "Shanghai dragon world wind, there are a lot of blood from the gun". Yesterday I also received help, an original website "my friend java training guide" Shanghai love weight will sharply, traffic continues to decline, until this morning, was close to the state of the K website. I don’t believe it at first, because my friends stand 90% original, and are of high quality articles, in the past 2 years, Shanghai’s love has been very stable, each love Shanghai algorithm adjustment, the station did not have a negative impact, did not think this actually lying in the gun. The following is the following keywords trend monitoring:

Links too rough

java training as the keywords within the chain, and connected to the home page or other main page, resulting in the chain is too concentrated, Shanghai believes that the excessive optimization will be loved.

This article will stand many

there is no doubt that Shanghai is seriously harming the love Scindapsus algorithm, love Shanghai traffic from daily 800ip has dropped to nearly 0. My friend depressed bad, I was very surprised, it seems, as the Shanghai dragon Er I, was shot.

Java training guide Links more and more "rough". What is more rough, namely the anchor text chain is too long.

2, the chain is too concentrated

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