Website ranking to slow don’t go the so called shortcut


until two months ago, the boss rush in a hurry, I just began to optimize the website. The author in the optimization of the station, each step is very cautious.

but I don’t think that this "brush" had paid the heavy price. At the station included after second days, the author checked the ranking that has been searched, 70 have disappeared, I know site:www.daqifang贵族宝贝 has been in love with altitude hair. The reason of not find out no ranking, I also can not do the modification to the website, to have a week to see ranking has not restored said. A week after the ranking still did not recover, I can be sure this is because the site "brush", the next two weeks to the station every day to make a high quality single home, but eventually see the effect. So, I have lost confidence in this website, no longer the station, because it is too hit, tens of thousands of search volume words let others do even if only a single page can be done up, and do not by power.


"Shanghai dragon threshold is low, not what technical content" recently heard many such evaluation Shanghai dragon, in fact this is not completely unreasonable. Shanghai Longfeng relatively easy entry, on the Internet a lot of related knowledge of the Shanghai dragon, can be said at a forum in Shanghai Longfeng mixed one or two months can be the basic knowledge of the completion of Shanghai dragon. But many novice after the completion of Shanghai dragon concept but not flexible use in practice, there are many thorny questions in the keyword ranking when all don’t know where to solve. So where is the problem? Because many novice before the optimization work did not do a good job of planning after the implementation of the work plan, not a very good idea to work in an emergency situation, also do not know how to solve the problem, there is not strong executive power, etc.. Shanghai dragon can be said to be a toil live, unless you have enough resources of high quality, or technology high also need to spend time and effort to build the website weights in order to get good rankings. "Eat hot tofu", at present more mature love Shanghai before, as long as the site is a bit not friendly to the search engine is easy will be right down.

in this area is also suffered enough, once a new ranking, keywords for aluminum honeycomb panel (very popular keywords), then the author hold as long as it can let the love of Shanghai station was included, do not need to spend much effort to go up. At that time a method to make love Shanghai quickly included new sites is very popular, it is the use of automatic promotion website to guide the spider crawling frequency website to achieve rapid collection effect through the Internet site brush chain. So I had the curiosity to try this method, and the site less than one hour will be included in Shanghai love the home, but not as Ranking Ranking in the love of Shanghai home in just third pages, but I feel that literally brush can make a web site included and ranking in the third page has been a very pleasant surprise, a in a word,

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