The site restored Shanghai Longfeng work

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RewriteCond%{http_host} ^***.cn [NC]

Baidu index:

in normal recovery site included, mainly in the original post, with the release of personal work, intended for the site to bring back the quality of the chain is still considerable, in the normal collection in just two days, because the chain early relatively more noble baby & Baidu spider is still quite active.

htaccess file:

because my blog is the primary key has been "Xiao Feng", "studio", because the hot keyword is only 600 – 1000 of normal weight, in order to restore the site’s ranking, during which I need to make a Links update, steering operation, the original updated the original article transfer the domain name, not completely statistics since the stop from the recovery since at least for a week before returning home to Baidu.

since my personal blog data recovery, has been experiencing two times the volatility of the blow, the registration was forced to transfer to the host from the domestic and foreign, the problems brought by CN examination three months to stop, and this brought directly to the sites included, weight is reduced, affect all aspects of abnormal snapshot. Here, to share some of their own in Shanghai Longfeng do restorative work.

love Shanghai home snapshot exception:

keep the site normal included:

recovery weight:

we know that WwW is a two level domain, due to various reasons to leave in the habit of Internet users, so we are using WwW as the main domain name website update, update, and I have been friends of the chain, the chain has been beginning with WwW site left to exclude all plaintext links. About the domain name problem. Again I think compared to previous search results, because of the WwW and WwW both refer to the same IP, after having found the relevant information, because it is the Linux platform of the host, so I in the htaccess file of the corresponding 301 domain steering operation.

this problem is the recovery work takes the longest time period, the beginning of the phenomenon from the Baidu, when the "Site:LikesPc.Cn" search, love the first page of Shanghai returns the following results:

RewriteEngine on

^ RewriteRule (. *) $贵族宝贝***.cn/$1 [L, R=301]

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